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Happy Spring! We are reading vigorously each day and remembering that we don't have to "BE" the best, but we should always "TRY OUR BEST!"  

Spelling Words 5/15-5/19

  1. overload                                                    This week we are focusing on
  2. overgrown                               the prefixes over- , pre-, out-, and mid-.
  3. overtime
  4. prepaid
  5. pretest
  6. outgoing
  7. outside
  8. midfield
  9. midnight
  10. Spring


Monday: 3 x each

Tuesday: ABC

Wednesday: Sentences

Thursday: Study


Vocabulary Words 5/15-5/19

board- head group of people

chores - tasks/jobs

customer- someone who buys something 

labeled - named or tagged with a name

spare- extra

stamp- postage sticker


Monday- use each word in a sentence

Tuesday- draw a picture for each word











Helpful Websites to Build Reading Fluency and Comprehension: