Shower Curtain Review


In this activity, you will review all of AP World History with: 

  • Key Concepts’s
  • S.P.I.C.E. Themes
  • Regions
  • Time Periods. 


It is a MEGA review to get you prepared for the AP World History Exam May 16, 2019, @ 8:30 AM.


Materials Needed


  1. Permanent Markers (Let me know if you need help purchasing them)
  2. Shower Curtains (preferably frosty or solid colored (white). 
    • Favorite brand - Wal-Mart’s Mainstay (thin liner)




  1. Big Picture: You are to demonstrate how we got from Hunter-Gatherersto this Global world. Include all the Key ConceptsAP World S.P.I.C.E. ThemesAP Regions, and AP Time Periods. Go.  
    1. connect, Connect, CONNECT. 
      1. Relate the material to each other. 
      2. Connect and emphasize causeseffectssimilaritiesdifferenceschangescontinuitieswithin and acrosstime periods.
    2. Be creative, the more picturesthe better.
    3. Be specific, the more examplesthe better.
    4. Be diligent, the more consistentthe better.
    5. Follow the three steps below and the attached timeline/rubric to be successful!! J


  1. First Step: The design phase. Before you actually put marker to shower curtain, you will create a one-page mockup design of what you plan to do. This does not have to have all your information, it is more of a storyboard.  The following are questions you need to address in your mockup:
    1. What is your overall theme?  Think about your shower curtain as a big graphic organizer.  What do you love to do? What are your interests?  Use that to create a theme you can connect to our study of world history.
    2. How will you connect your material?  How will you show changes, causation, and continuities?



  1. Second Step: Once your design is approved, then you will begin creating your design on your shower curtain. Follow the due dates for when I will be checking your progress.  This assignment will take a while to complete, so remember that a little work every day will help you complete it--don’t procrastinate, because your assignment won’t be as successful--and you will feel very stressed.


  1. Third Step: When you’ve completed the assignment, you will explain your organization and choice of information on the shower curtain to me in a one-on-one presentation.  You will need to be able to justify your decisions and answer any questions I should have about your interpretation of the assignment.



  1. This is an individual review to help YOU review and learn the materials so that you can be successful on the Exam on May 16th. Plagiarism will not be accepted and furthermore, will hurt your score on the AP exam.

** Examples may be seen during tutorials for layout and depth/scope**


If you are absent on a due date, you are responsible for emailing a photograph of those sections on your Shower Curtain to me.


Grading Schedule (Daily Grades)




Teacher’s Stamp

April 8

Physical Shower Curtain to Class and Shower Curtain Design Mockup


April 26

Periods 1 and 2 Complete (content, connections, images)


May 3

Periods 3 and 4 Complete (content, connections, images)


May 10

Period 5 Complete (content, connections, images)


May 17

Completed Shower Curtain Due (including period 6)







Shower Curtain Rubric



Exceeds Expectations

Meets Expectations

Approaching Expectations

Below Expectations

Connections to Historical Thinking Skills: CCOT, Causation, C&C, Turning Points


The student has clearly indicated connections between ALL major ideas either on the shower curtain or in their presentation.

The student has clearly indicated connections for the majority of the ideas on either on the shower curtain or in their presentation. (No more than 2 are missing)

Connections are made for most of the information, but there are still gaps in the content.

A little or no connections are made.



All key concepts, themes, regions, and eras are thoroughly 


All but one key concept, theme and/or major regions are included and well covered. 

Missing more than one but less than two key concepts, themes and/or major regions and the information is well covered.


Includes less than two regions and/or themes and the coverage is weak.



The student spoke confidently about shower curtain and could easily answer any questions posed.

The student spoke confidently about shower curtain and was able to answer all but one of the questions posed.covered.

The student spoke confidently about the shower curtain but was not able to answer more than two questions posed.

The student could not fully describe their shower curtain and/or could not answer any questions posed.







Examples of Successful Shower Curtain Designs: