Devil's law

Sebasta's eyes cooled. "Dewey, I really admire your sense of humor.". But can your sense of humor save your life now! There are four people here, and the two majesties seem to be unable to move. And I'm better than you! Du Wei scratched his scalp and rolled his eyes. "There are only four people here?"? Uh. Are you really sure? Sebasta rolled his eyes, first a little alert, then relaxed: "The two top strong fight, it is absolutely impossible to hide anyone around!"! Du Wei, Duke, is this your way to save your life? Du Wei blinked and said with a smile, "Don't you believe me?"? Well, why don't we make a bet? I bet there's a fifth guy here! Without waiting for Sebasta to speak, Du Wei suddenly put a trumpet in front of his mouth, raised his head to the air in the sky, and shouted at the top of his voice. Grandmother Zeng Zeng Zeng, someone is going to kill me! If I die, you can't live either. Help! As soon as the voice fell, Du Wei heard a faint sigh coming from the back of his head. This is like the second time I've heard you cry for help. As a descendant of the Luo Lin family, when they are in danger, they shout for help! How can you be so unmanly! After a pause, the delicate and clear voice seemed to be somewhat dissatisfied: "Can you not call me & # 039; Zeng Zeng Zeng?" '…… Well, am I very old? Today is another ten thousand words. And Is today's update early enough? I know today is the weekend, it is estimated that brothers and sisters have activities in the evening, update early, so that everyone can go to HAPPY in the evening without any worries. Is my action thoughtful enough? Moved? Well,thermal imaging camera, very good. If you are moved, please hand in your monthly tickets. -Cheeky dance message, and then three evil laughs at the end ~ wahahaha..) Chapter 316 of the main text and fight and flee (I) Updated: July 7, 2008 8:42:32 Words in this chapter: 4555 Du Wei once heard a classic saying in his previous life: Women, no matter what age they are, whether they are eighteen or eighty years old, are very afraid of old age. So, after finally forcing Semel to appear,Interactive digital signage, Du Wei immediately changed his tone and said with a smile, "I just want to express my respect." A piece of bright red clothes floated from behind Du Wei to the front, and Du Wei could even feel a strand of silver hair gently blowing his cheek. It's just a pity that Semel, as a magical creature with Du Wei's spiritual power, can't see her at all with the strength of Sebasta now. I can't even hear her voice, let alone see it. Sebasta looked at Du Wei suddenly standing here "talking to himself", can not help but be a little surprised, eyes changed several times. Originally, I only thought that the cunning Duke of Tulips was fooling himself, but looking at Du Wei's expression, I really had some doubts. Suddenly his heart is a horizontal! No matter what the hell he is doing, kill him with a sword first, and you don't have to worry about anything! As soon as the decision was made, Sebasta smiled ferociously and sneered, "Tulip, go to hell!" Long sword blade agitation, facial recognization camera ,interactive kiosk price, faint with the sound of hissing, the frost fighting gas came through the air! Sebasta martial arts is intrepid, such a close distance, not good at martial arts Du Wei, of course, is absolutely unable to resist. Seeing that the sword had arrived in front of him, Du Wei felt a cross in his heart and simply gave his life to Semel, who he believed would never watch himself die. Sure enough, when the sword was less than half a meter away from Du Wei's body, there was a sudden shock, and Sebasta felt that the blade seemed to be poking into a quagmire, and suddenly it became stagnant, as if there were countless invisible ropes in the air entangled in the blade. He was startled, opened his mouth to drink, fighting spirit suddenly soared, the strength of the nine-level knight, after all, can not be underestimated, frost fighting spirit is invincible, suddenly like the scorching sun melting snow, the bondage in the air have been destroyed. But such a meal of time, but finally gave Du Wei a chance, his body flashed, has quickly retreated. Can you run?! The sword of Sebasta shook and tangled up like a poisonous snake. Du Wei's forehead was cold and sweaty, but he never had a chance to get out of enough distance to chant incantations and perform spells. Although he has the fireball skill to be able to send the underhand move instantly, unfortunately before in the small town hotel, the gunpowder stock, all used up when dealing with the white river sorrow. And he doesn't really have the ability to use instant magic. To use magic, he must have a leisurely time to chant incantations and sense the fluctuations of magic elements. But Sebasta is like a shadow, on the blade of the sword, there is naturally a line of fighting gas shooting out, like a strong wind, but let Du Wei even have no chance to open his mouth to recite incantations. As soon as he opened his mouth, he would feel a strong wind in front of him, which made him unable to continue. Sebasta is about to catch up, and then a sword down, you can cut the northwest enemy under the sword, but the next moment, suddenly felt a palpitation in the heart, suddenly give birth to alert! Then Sebasta clearly felt that someone behind him seemed to blow a cold breath behind his neck! His body was so clever that he immediately felt as if a hand was gently resting on his shoulder. As soon as he pressed it, half of his body suddenly went numb, and he felt a wave of magic. His brain was dizzy, and he knew that he was under magic. Look at this, I'm afraid it's something like vertigo. Sebasta was shocked, at the moment Du Wei was forced to be in a hurry, here in addition to Du Wei, is it. The Pope or Shirakawa? If these two people can fight, then they are absolutely no match! As soon as he was afraid, he immediately had the idea of going all out. If it is true that any one of the two strong restored strength, as long as there are two or three percent,digital signage kiosk, then they are absolutely dead, this time not desperately, when to fight.