His little fairy is super sweet [campus]

Wei Ran's facial muscles stiffened slightly and he smiled guiltily. What she won't say is that the reason why she specially ordered the dish that Bian Kai ordered yesterday is actually because: Well, she doesn't know what it is. Maybe she just vaguely wanted to confirm whether it was really that bad. What is the use of confirming this..? At least now it seems that Bian Kai regarded the vegetables on Shen Yan's plate as delicacies at that time, which still has some objective basis (after all, against the background of this thing, any normal food can be regarded as delicacies), not all subjective elements. So, maybe we can't simply interpret that scene as "show love". Thinking of this, she seemed to feel better, and then she felt that she was really possessed by the devil. What's going on between the two people? Does it have anything to do with her? Especially to do this kind of inexplicable thing, unexpectedly also happened to be caught by the Lord, it is really embarrassing enough. Fortunately, it seems that Bian Kai didn't think so much. When Xu Xiaoxiao saw Bian Kai himself in the canteen, it was a little strange: "Does Master Bian also eat in the canteen now?" Bian Kai waved his hand and said, "Hey, don't make me so ungrounded.". Besides, I just found that the food in the canteen is also very delicious. Except, of course. He glanced into Wei's plate again, with a lingering fear on his face. "That." "Are you alone?" "Of course not." Bian Kai raised his arm and waved to the two people who were queuing in front of the window not far away, shouting, "Old Ji, Brother Yan, this way!" 29 degrees sweet. Without thinking, Wei Ran looked in the direction of Bian Kai's greeting. Next, she just ran into the line of sight that Shen Yan swept over-only for a moment. Moments later, Shen Yan looked away and whispered to Ji Mingshi as if he had not seen her at all. It seems that Shen Yan is really angry with her. Wei Ran's heart flashed a touch of panic in an instant, but when the idea came up, she felt that she was really inexplicable and asking for trouble. Shen Yan's eyes are higher than the top, and he treats everyone coldly. Did she hope that Shen Yan, like Bian Kai, would take the initiative to greet her with a smile? It would be terrible if something like that really happened. Besides, it's a good thing for Shen Yan to ignore it. When Shen Yan completely lost interest in teasing her and completely ignored her, her life should be better. It is estimated that that day may not be far away. Just very unexpectedly, Wei Ran thought through this, but did not feel very happy. She bowed her head and chewed the rice silently in her heavy mind, without noticing when Shen Yan and Ji Mingshi came. Yu Guangzhong saw Shen Yan sitting diagonally opposite her, but she still did not look up. Until a small dish of delicate stir-fried dishes was pushed from that direction. Disc two, disc three.. Wei Ran looked up blankly. In the middle of her and Xu Xiaoxiao's table, there were already four plates of stir-fried dishes with good color and fragrance. The price of fine stir-fried dishes was much more expensive than that of ordinary dishes. Wei Ran was used to frugality and would not order them easily at ordinary times, let alone order so much at once. Shen Yan's eyelids moved slightly and his face was expressionless. "It's the monitor's treat, Agate Slabs Countertops ,White Marble Mosaic," he said. Wei Ran looked at him and then at Ji Mingshi. Ji Mingshi's face was as gentle and calm as ever, but the twitching at the corners of his mouth seemed a little unnatural. Xu Xiaoxiao reacted first: "How can you be ashamed?" Ji Mingshi adjusted his glasses and smiled with a good temper: "Just think of it as my apology. A few days ago, there was such a big thing in the school that I didn't know, and I didn't deal with it in time. It was my dereliction of duty. Take more responsibility." Neglect of duty? Probably referring to the forum thing? Wei Ran blurted out, "It's not strange." "Are you eating or chatting?" Shen Yan suddenly interrupted, Wei Ran said half of the words instinctively stuck in the throat, but the lips moved a little, then listen to Shen Yan came again, "eat and sleep without a word." Wei Ran: ".." That sounds familiar. She lowered her head under the repressive momentum of Shen Yan, facing the attractive dishes, which were suppressed by the strange food ordered before, and this boosted her appetite again. But she couldn't help hesitating again before she formally moved the chopsticks. She glanced around and saw that the rest of the people had also ordered their own dishes. After thinking about it, she couldn't help asking Ji Mingshi: "Monitor, you ordered too much. If we can't finish it, it will be wasted. Otherwise, you can pack these two dishes and take them back first." Considering Shen Yan's military order of "eating and sleeping without speaking", she tried to speak in a low voice, but she and Ji Mingshi sat far away, so the other people on the table naturally heard what she said. So as soon as her voice fell, it was drowned in the sound of Bian Kai. She turned her face and saw Bian Kai covering his mouth and coughing incessantly, as if he was choking. Ji Mingshi was handing him water, apparently not attending to answering her question, but the corners of his mouth also had a faint upward trend. Such a development let Wei Ran can not help but Leng Leng reflect on what she said is very funny? When she couldn't figure it out, Shen Yan glared at Bian Kai, who had not yet recovered his breath, and said coldly, "I can't waste it. Let him clean up what I can't finish eating." "Huh?" Bian Kai finally stopped coughing, raised his head and stammered, "Inkstone, brother inkstone, shall we discuss this matter again?" As soon as Shen Yan threw his eye knife in the past, he immediately muted his voice and turned to look at Ji Ming with pleading eyes, looking like "asking the monitor to uphold justice.". Ji Mingshi looked at the two of them, sighed and smiled, patted Bian Kai on the shoulder: "No way, the person who pays the bill has the final say, I can't help you." "Old Ji, you are partial-Aha!" Bian Kai suddenly reacted, dissatisfied complaints suddenly stopped, smiling into a look of watching a good show, exaggerated to Ji Mingshi mouth, "have you." Comparatively speaking, Shen Yan's face is not very good-looking. Under Bian Kai's winking,Pietra Gray Marble, Wei Ran finally understood the true meaning of Ji Mingshi's words. Since it is Shen Yan who pays the bill, then the person who really treats the guests is Shen Yan? When Shen Yan stared at Ji Ming sullenly, he obviously did not expect him to say it. forustone.com