Li Liang-Magic Hand Evil Monster

If you are sober, the pain of abolishing martial arts is very unbearable. "Miss Li," said Jia Sheng, "isn't that too cruel?" "No!" "Just now," said Li regretfully, "Xiaoguo tested him and found out his intention. He wanted to swallow it all. If he swallowed it, he would kill us to silence him." "Yes, that's why I charmed him," said Xiao Guo. "Miss Li," said Jia Sheng, "can my teacher recover his strength?" "That depends on his good fortune." "Let's go," said Xiao Guo. Bai Zhi met Li Shuangxi again. It was in an inn, Li Shuangxi could not swallow the sun, must find her, here is a side courtyard in the inn, very quiet. It was about the time of supper, and it was just dark. Li Shuangxi stood in the doorway,Stone Honeycomb Panel, in the light, a face of murder. Bai Zhi sat at the door table in the main room and drank tea. Li Shuangxi was surprised at first sight, but he was immediately calm. Can you escape tonight? "Why should I run away?" Asked Bai Zhi. 'What's The matter? Is there a backer here? Li Shuangxi has a pair of thief's eyes. "What backing?" Asked Bai Zhi. "Fish gets water." He despises the fish for its water, and hates it for its water. Fish and water will be here with me? He has lost his appetite for me. "How do we settle this account?" Asked Li Shuangxi. "I can't figure it out!" "What do you mean?" "It's all right if I don't get even with you!" "Get even with me?" Bai Zhi said, "If you hadn't made me lose my resistance and raped me by plotting, how could I have given up on myself and gone to the extreme?" "You're a born slut, and you blame me?" If it wasn't for that loss of virginity,white marble mosaic, I, Bai Zhi, wouldn't have it. Today, to be honest, I have lost confidence in the future. You can kill me. "That's too cheap," said Li Shuangxi. "Where's the treasure?" "It changed hands long ago." "Give the fish water." "It should be said that it was given to Lord Shi Kefa as an injection of military supplies." "So I'm going to kill you," said Li Shuangxi. "If you want to kill, do it!"! But I'm not going to let you kill me. "Your two sets are not on my mind yet." "Try it." Li Shuangxi made a move, and of course Bai Zhi took it. In fact, the two are almost the same, but Li Shuangxi's learning is too miscellaneous. In the past, when he was around Li Chuang, Slate Wall Panel ,white marble slabs, he was a red man, and all the masters flattered him. So Zhang San made two moves and Li Si made several moves. In this way, he became a master, which of course should be attributed to his hard training. Although Bai Zhi was disheartened and was about to become a monk, she did not want to die in his hands. Once she fought hard, it was too difficult for Li Shuangxi to knock her down in seventy or eighty strokes. It's just that Li Shuangxi has to beat her. She had cheated him out of his gold and said that he would go to the Western Regions with him and create a kingdom for himself? The more Li Shuangxi thinks about it, the worse he feels. After sixty strokes, Bai Zhi began to move. "I'll play with you one last time before I kill you," said Li Shuangxi. "That depends on your ability," said Bai Zhi. No matter how hard Bai Zhi tried, she couldn't hold out more than a hundred strokes. After being hit by two palms, she was about to fall down. At this time, Li Shuangxi pointed out the electricity, and Bai Zhi fell down. I said I'd play with you first and have a parting memorial. Holding Bai Zhiren in his arms, he was about to put her on the bed when he put one hand on his right shoulder and said, "Put her down well.." Li Shuangxi immediately recognized Tang Yao's voice. Is it Tang Yao? "Not bad!" "You should know about our relationship?" "I know a little." "Do you know how badly she cheated me?" "I know a little." "To help her when you know that?" "The problem is that she lost her virginity because you didn't want to. You've already committed a felony rape and lost your position.". Secondly, Li Chuang's money was collected from the people, and it was the people's fat and ointment. Who said it was not suitable for the country? "That doesn't seem fair," said Li Shuangxi. ” "There is nothing absolutely fair in the world, but you deserve to die around Li Chuang, because it is said that you are more bloodthirsty and cruel than Li Chuang!" "What do you want?" Asked Li Shuangxi. "I should have killed you and let your father and son be reunited underground, but I still give you a way to turn over a new leaf to see what happens!" With three acupoints, Bai Zhi's body fell on the bed. "Bai Zhi," said Tang Yao, "your depravity is really lamentable." "I feel sorry for myself, too," said Bai Zhi. "Fish gets water and tolerates you like never before." "I know, too, so I did everything I could to help him." "I thought if you wanted to help him, you'd better restrain yourself and behave yourself!" "You will see it in the near future." "Fish in water?" Asked Tang Yao. "I went to send a huge sum of money to Lord Shi." "How much?" "Billions of taels." "There are so many?" "Of course there are so many of Li Chuang's private savings. Why else did Li Shuangxi kill me?" "You were cheated out of his hands?" "Yes, he told me about nine places where gold was buried." "So you told the fish to get water?" "Exactly," said Bai Zhi. "Do you want to kill him now that he has been arrested?" "I wanted to kill him before, but now I don't want to." "Why?" "Because I'm going to become a monk in the near future." "Do you think this kind of person should still be allowed to move around and continue to harm people?" "Master Tang," said Bai Zhi, "you can decide this for yourself." Bai Zhi had already solved the acupoint and went out. Tang Yao thought that at least he should waste his martial arts, and he did it as soon as he said so. Li Shuangxi rolled and wailed on the ground. Tang Yao chased out, but Bai Zhi had disappeared. Coincidentally, as soon as Bai Zhi left the town, he met the fish who sent the money back. In fact,Marble Projects, it was not a coincidence that Bai Zhi knew he would follow this path. Zizhi, where are you going? "You don't have to worry about that." "Why?" "Your staying with me will only compromise you and lower your status." "No." "No?"? If not, would you go back and soak in the pool all day and keep changing the water after what you did with me? 。