The sky is changing

Zhou Weiqing's face remained unchanged, and he knew very well that even if this destructive energy acted on him, it would not kill him. With the weakening of the holy power, coupled with the strong defense ability and the protection of the holy Dan, it will only be severely damaged at most, while the Lord of the nether world will be sealed. At the moment before the vortex of destruction came up, he had used his powerful mind to output enough holy power to complete the whole seal. Although this leads to the lack of self-defense, the seal will be completed. However, at the next moment, Zhou Weiqing's face changed. Tianer's charming body hugged his body again from behind, and the rich holy power burst out from Tianer's body, protecting both of them. Also at this time, the black whirlpool has been forced to break all the holy power, Zhou Weiqing and the sky together shrouded in it. One of the reasons for the change of Zhou Weiqing's face was because of Tianer, and the other was because of the strange change of the destructive power. It did not attack Zhou Weiqing directly. Although it cut off the connection between Zhou Weiqing and the twelve mythical beasts in an instant, the destructive energy only swept over Zhou Weiqing and Tianer's body, and a huge pulling force burst out in this moment. This destructive energy did not advance but retreated, turning into a black streamer, which instantly drilled back from the last gap of the nether world seal array. Hum- The holy light flashed,smart interactive whiteboard, and the white golden light rose in an instant, bursting out into a huge column of light, spraying out along the winding abyss passage. The seal of the entire law array was finally completed at this time. The seal is gathered again, and the holy power slowly accumulates after a violent rise. The sealed space is full of gentle energy fluctuations, which is different from the original seal presided over by the Dragon Emperor. At this time, the sealed space is really like a separate world. In the sky, countless stars shine in the sky, and at the foot of the earth is the milky white halo. The appearance of the Lord of the nether world has been completely invisible,digital signage screen, and it has been completely and perfectly sealed in the nether world seal array. However, as the leader of all this, Zhou Weiqing disappeared. He and the sky, swept away by the last destructive energy, disappeared. The light of the holy power gradually dissipated from the mythical beasts, looking at the perfect seal, each mythical beast's heart was extremely heavy, and he could not say anything happy. Wei Qing.. As soon as the elf queen dodged, she appeared in the position where Zhou Weiqing had disappeared before, and the whole person was dull. In order to complete the seal, Zhou Weiqing did not defend and evade the final attack of the Lord of the nether world, and was forcibly brought into the nether world space. And there, it belongs to the world of the Lord of the nether world. Even if the Lord of the nether world has a huge consumption before, information kiosk price ,temperature scanning kiosks, Zhou Weiqing and Tianer can not be its opponents ah! Two figures fell from the sky, it is Huiyao and Duosi transformed into human form, fell on the ground, Duosi can not help but rush into Huiyao's arms, and Huiyao's face, is also hard to see to the extreme. All the mythical beasts fell down, and by this time, the ghost tiger in the outer circle, Philia, had rushed over, but she could not even cry out. Zhou Weiqing and Tianer disappeared, and the blow she suffered was also enormous. She had a great sense of guilt for Tianer, but at this moment, she watched her daughter disappear in front of her. You can imagine her mood. He is a hero. The voice of the dragon turtle sounded, "He, like His Majesty the Dragon Emperor, is a hero who saved our world." The elf queen stood there in a daze. "But why does the hero have to die?"? I brought them here, but I can't bring them back. How can I explain to his confidants? How to explain to those people outside. With a sad look on her face, the elf queen sat down cross-legged and murmured to herself, "Maybe I think too much.". I share life with him, and if he dies, I will not be able to live alone. Just let me stay here with him. Waiting for the moment to die with him. "Your Majesty.". Don't be too pessimistic. The rich voice of the dragon tortoise sounded again, "perhaps, that Zhou Weiqing still has a chance to come back alive.". ” The elf queen froze for a moment. What did you say? Will he come back alive? He was captured by the Lord of the nether world! The Dragon Turtle said in a deep voice, "But our seal has been completed.". The Lord of the nether world has been using his destructive energy in order to destroy the seal when he attacked it before. Moreover, it has been attacked by the Dragon Emperor and you one after another. In addition, Zhou Weiqing was captured at the cost of his most powerful former turtle, and its own cultivation has been greatly weakened. Although it is very strong in the nether world, since we have completely perfected the seal, it can not get any external negative emotions into destructive energy to supply in the nether world. And Zhou Weiqing and Tianer's cultivation is not weak, in this case, perhaps there is a fight. I just wonder why the Lord of the nether world chose to take them instead of attacking them. After listening to the words of the dragon turtle, both the elf queen and the other mythical beasts around her, there were some changes in their faces. The original dignity was slightly relaxed. Yes, before, they joined forces with Zhou Weiqing, plus the power of the seal array has been consumed with the Lord of the nether world. That is to say, the present Lord of the nether world is by no means in its prime. In this case, Zhou Weiqing may not have no chance. The elf queen nodded slowly. "I hope so.". As long as I am alive, it proves that Wei Qing is not dead, but even if he defeats the Lord of the nether world, how can he break away from the seal that even the Lord of the nether world can't break through? "Your Majesty, you don't need to worry about that. Since our seal is called the seal of the nether world, it only works on the destructive energy of the Lord of the nether world.". As long as Wei Qing and Tian Er can defeat the Lord of the nether world,touch screen kiosk, without the limitation of destructive energy, they can use their holy power to cross the seal and return. My God! Bless the children. As she spoke, Philia slowly knelt down on the seal and prayed silently.