Letters Of Recommendations

Letters of Recommendation for Mrs. Greener :) 

By: Yousef Farge 

To Whom It May Concern, 

Mrs. Greener is the best teacher ever. She is kind, nice and has amazing creativity. If you get to know you'll find out she is a nice teacher. When you meet her you will experience a fun way of learning and you will enjoy learning with her. Also you will enjoy the units that she makes. She makes learning fun. You'll enjoy learning with her. Lastly is amazing with kids so they will like her very very much. :)

By: Talha Naveed

To Whom It May Concern, 

Mrs. Greener is the best student teacher  in the history of student teachers. She makes learning Fun for the students. The units she makes are fun for the whole class even for the teachers. She has a great personality and sense of humor. She would say  "To not stress"  if you forget your homework or project. She gave us pencils that said "I'll miss you-Mrs.Greener. Also she is really kind and fun. Mrs.Greener is the best student teacher you could ever have in your school.