Meet the Teachers


 My name is Julie Frady. I have four children, Alainna-5, Lillian-3, Zachariah-2, and Dawson-3mths. For the past two years now, I have been on the, sometimes difficult, but very rewarding journey of homeschooling my children. With the help and support of my cousins, Amanda Ruth and Rebecca Bogan, I began using the ABeka program to teach my then three year old daughterAlainna her colors,counting, letters, shapes, as well as the wonderful truths found in God's word, the Bible. If you are unsure of which curriculum to use I would like to recommend this program.




Stephen, Rebecca and kids

My name is Rebecca Bogan, and I currently homeschool my 5 year old son, Timothy, and 3 year old son, Nathan. I am expecting my third son on July 16, 2009!  We have used mostly A-Beka products, but I am interested in learning about new products and companies. The Singletary Memorial Library in Rusk, TX, is our best friend.  My kids love for me to read to them, and we visit there several times a week. Timothy loves mazes, drawing pictures in his own notebook, listening to The Hobbit on cassete tape, and playing around on our computer. Of course, both of my boys like to play outside, and get as dirty as they can!  They go through blue jeans like they're going out of style! Nathan is learning his colors, shapes, and how to count to 10.  We haven't worked on the alphabet yet, but that is next. We're looking forward to our first little Kindergarten graduation on June 27, 2009! We are so blessed to have happy, (most of the time) healthy (most of the time) children.


Amanda Nathaniel and kids