Grading Policy

Your child will receive at least one Math grade each week.

Daily Work, or  Mountain Math,  is completed at the beginning of each class (4-5 problems per day).  On Friday, I take this work up to be graded.  I am always available to help while students complete the work.

Tests are announced at least 3 days in advance and are written in the planner.  Your child should have a list of concepts to be tested as well as chapter numbers to help them review.  The test grade will be recorded in the planner for you to review.  If you would like a copy of the graded test, let me know and I will send home.  The original is filed in your child's portfolio here at school.  These portfolios are always available for your review.

Please remind your child to ask for missed assignments when he/she is absent. 

Powerschool offers an easy, convenient way for you to monitor your child's progress.  Please contact the office to get your child's username and password.