Online Tests/WebQuests




The following websites are full of tests, quizzes, and information for students. These websites were created by teachers or students. Happy Surfing!

*Only use the following websites with parent or guardian permission.

 English Test

  1. English Test for Elementary-
  2. Adjectives-
  3. Adverbs-

Math Test

  1. Fraction-
  2. Place Value-
  3. Probability-

Social Studies

  1. Crack the Code/Longitude and Latitude-
  2. Columbus Scavenger Hunt-
  3. Oregon Trail-

 Science WebQuests

  1. Habitats and Ecosystems-
  2. Biomes of the World-
  3. Fun facts about Fungi-
  4. Rocks-
  5. Journey to the Center of the Earth...created by 5th graders-
  6. Phases of the Moon-
  7. Water Cycle-
  8. Cells Alive-
  9. Microbe Zoo-
  10. Biohazard Zone-
  11. Yuckiest Site on the Internet!-
  12. Mad Scientist Lab-
  13. Chem4Kids Website -
  14. It all adds up-