Course Syllabus Signature Receipt Form

After reading/reviewing the Course Syllabus on this website this page needs to be printed as a hard copy by either printing this page, or by copying everything on the page (except the advertising) and pasting it into a blank word document before printing.  Fill in the information requested, sign and date and return to Mr. Lawrence by the second week of school. 

John F. Kennedy Middle School

Honors Earth Space Science Course

Syllabus Receipt Form

Mr. Lawrence – Instructor


           To Whom It May Concern:  I the undersigned have read/reviewed the Syllabus associated with Honors Earth Space Science and am familiar with its contents, statements, and expectations.  

Student Name: ______________________________  Pd: ____
                                                                                (PLEASE PRINT FULL NAME) 

Parent Signature: ____________________________ Date: ________ 

Student Signature: ___________________________ Date:  ________