Introduction to 5th Grade

My name is Ryan Kozin and I will be your child's 5th grade teacher.  I graduated from Benedictine University this passed year and your children are the lucky first class of my career.  I have been anxiously awaiting teaching this year as I have prepared all summer long.  In my class this year we will be reading novels such as, Johnny Truman, as well as selections that your child will choose themselves.  We will be studying astronomy as well as the human body is science class.  Social studies will be very exciting this year as we will be covering the American Revolution, the Civil War as well as the Constitution.  This will conclude with a district mandated Constitution test that will be very important for the students to do well on.

In addition to the letters sent home from the school, you as a parent will have full access to this webpage using your child's password.  The website will include all of the classroom rules, every assignment that is graded for points in my class, as well as your child's participation points for each week of class.  Feel free to call or email me at any time during the day.  The number at school is 630-555-5916 and my email is