Classroom Information

Arrival Time: This years opening bell is at 8:00am.  If your child is driven or walks to school please try to have him or her at the school at least ten minutes prior to 8:00am.  This will help all the teachers with the extremely hectic mornings as well as help your child not miss any important information that is given first thing in the morning.

Attendence Policy: Attendence to school is mandatory unless a parent or guardian calls the child in prior to school starting.  If a child misses class for some reason it is their responsibility to collect any missed assignments from their teacher and complete them in a timely manner. 

Homework Policy: The district homework policy has changed since last school year.  If a student fails to turn in an assignment on the day it is due they are to lose 10% of the points that assignment is worth.  If they fail to turn it in the day after they lose another 10%.  If the student fails to turn the assignment in on the third day they will lose all points possible for that assignment and recieve a zero.  With the help of the website you as a parent will be able to see all the assignments that your child recieved that day as well as when assignments are due

Grading Scale: The district grading scale is as follows for every class.  100%-90%= A, 89%-80%= B, 79%-70%= C, 69%-60=D, 59% and lower=F.  Any time a student falls below a 70% in a subject, a mandatory note has to be sent home and signed by the parent/guardian.

Snack: At 10:00am we will take a 15 minute break for the students to eat a home brought snack.  This year the district has set rules on what exactly the students can bring.  The snack cannot be candy and has to be a healthy choice.  No soda/pop to drink, but juice and water are acceptable.