My Classroom Website

I was born a teacher

"Just as the students will learn from me, I am sure I will continue to learn  from them." I was born in Kentucky, raised in New York and have lived in Europe, Texas,  Tennessee and all over the Syracuse area.  As a little world traveler  following my Army father around I have always been fascinated with the study  of history and its social implications. My hero has always been my  grandmother who taught elementary school for over 30 years and left such an  impact with her kindergarteners.   I was educated in Baldwinsville where I graduated in '03. I then received my  B/A in History from Saint Bonaventure University in '07 and ran cross country  and played soccer at the Division I level.  Kknowing how great the Syracuse  area is, I moved home and went through LeMoyne College's MST - Adolescent  Education program earning my Masters in teaching 7-12 social studies.

My teaching philosophy

Education is a series of processes that guide students along a journey of  self discovery and a wide array of content knowledge that will set the  foundation for living a deeper life full of integrity, skills and character.   Teaching students to learn awareness of civic duties and responsibilities is  a priority of mine as a Social Studies teacher.  Diversity will be reflected  in my class lessons through many teaching styles and cooperative based  lessons to involve everyone.  By teaching to students strengths and improving  their weaknesses my classes can experience success on a daily basis. As a teacher it is my job to both motivate and facilitate the learning of my  students through strong, consistent communication.  Students need to be  challenged to reach full potential and by getting to know my students I can  harness individual motivators and methods to teaching them so all can improve  each day.