Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why study core french?

French and core french are excellent ways to educate yourself and learn a new language. Especially in Canada, french is spoken by millions of people, and is a very. When it comes time to travel to Québec or France for example, you will know what they are saying, and who knows, maybe you will live there one day!


What can my child expect to learn in Grade 7 Core French?

They can expect to learn how to properlly speak french at a basic introductory level; learn a lot about different cultures around the world; be able to have conversations with your classmates in french; be able to write in french.


Will every class be spoken only in french?

No, all classes will not be spoken only in french. But, as the year progresses the amount of french spoken will increase, and the majority of the classes will be in french.


What can my child expect when in class?

They can expect a fun,  enegerized, and comfortable environment!  Besides note taking, there will be a great variety of activities, such as co-operative learning, field trips, video clips from around the world, individual and group speaking activities, and other fun activities through use of the SMART board.


WIll my child be bilingual after taking this course?

Unfortunately, no. But, after completion of this course your child will have a much greater variety and understanding of french. With the help of more french courses in their futures, it is definitely possible that he or she can become bilingual. 

How can I help my child in core french?

There are a lot of resources on the world wide web. If you look under the additional links and rescource links you will find online information that will be of help to you.


What if my child is in need of extra help?

No problem! Do not hesitate to call me, or email me. We can arrange a convenient time to meet at school and go over any confusion.


Can you accommodate children with learning disabilities?

Absolutely! There are arrangements that can be made to help you child to succeed as much as possible.  Between the teacher and the parents/guardians, a full assessment will be made and the right decisions will be in place for your child to successfully enjoy this course.


How will my child receive their mark for the course?

There will be a variety of activities, tests, and oral comprehension that will make up your mark. Check out the Evaluation link for more information!


How can the teacher be contacted?

You can contact me at home, or you can contact me by school email.