Sample Outcomes

Incase you are unaware or confused, the K-12 education system in Newfoundland and Labrador follows the Department of Education's Curriculum Guides. These guides involve General Curriculum outcomes (GCO), followed by Specific Curriculum Outcomes(SCO).  The SCO's deal with each general curriculum outcome. Grade 7 Core French has its own set of General and Specific Curriculum Outcomes, and it is through these outcomes that the course is taught. All teachers are responsible for following the outcomes and ensure that all outcomes are met by the end of the course. The Grade 7 Core French Outcomes are as follows:


General Curriculum Outcomes:

1. Communication

2. Culture

3. General Language Education 


Specific Curriculum Outcomes (Communication)

7.1 Exchange information orally with simple messages for a variety of purposes. 

7.2 Ask and answer questions. 

7.3 Express likes and dislikes 

7.4 Engage in familiar oral and written activities using the present tense. 

7.5 Demonstrate global comprehension of oral, written, and visual texts on familiar topics from a variety of sources.  

7.6 Extract specific information from oral, written, and visual texts to complete meaningful tasks. 

7.7 Identify messages represented in diverse media contexts.

7.8 Sequence events in terms of time and place.

7.9 Read aloud with good pronunciation, intonation, and expression, short texts composed of familiar language. 

7.10 Read a variety of resources for information and pleasure. 

7.11 Create, present, and publish oral and written texts individually and in groups. (Written texts: 25-30 words.) 

7.12 Identify and share the main idea, message, and emotion of a creative work. 

7.13 Respond creatively to various forms of artistic expression.


Specific Curriculum Outcomes (Culture)


7.1 Recognize that Canada is officially a bilingual country.

7.2 Identify personal and local celebrations, customs and routines.

7.3 Identify celebrations, customs and routines of francophone cultures. 

7.4 Recognize the presence of the francophone community in Newfoundland and Labrador.

7.5 Identify the contributions of prominent francophones. 

7.6 Use information from cultural resources to complete a task. 



Specific Curriculum Outcomes (General Language Education) 


7.1 Use visual, verbal, and non-verbal cues to decode meaning. 

7.2 Use contextual clues such as cognates, word families, and word associations to predict meaning.

7.3 Use advanced organizers to predict and construct meaning.

7.4 Gather and organize information individually, and in groups.

7.5 Apply patterns in pronunciation, spelling, phrase structure, and other conventions to improve oral and written communication. 

7.6 Use dictionary, glossary, and other reference materials. 

7.7 Use a model to complete oral and written tasks. 

7.8 Recognize the importance of checking for errors.

7.9 Use the writing process to complete a task. 

7.10 Use presentation strategies (voice, gestures) to enhance communication.

7.11 Apply features of print text (font, color, heading) to publishedtext.

7.12 Use self-assessmenttechniques. 

For additional information on outcomes visit the government website:
(Deparment of Education, 2010)