Sample Activities

Here are a few examples of activities that you and your child may see while in Grade 7 Core French


1. Co-operative learning activity

- class will be broken into 2 teams. Each team will be responsible to make a story from individual sentences given to students. There will be two stories; one for each team.

- Each person in the class will receive a sentence.

- Classmates must walk around and find others in the class that have sentences that make their story.

- Once all student have found their team, they must line up in the proper sequence to make the story.

- To finish the activity, each team must read their story out loud to the class to see if they are correctly lined up. 


2. Collage

- Upon completing different french cultures around the world, students will make a bristle board collage of a specific country/city with a french background.


3. Reflective Journal

- Students will be responsible for writing a short, 25-30 word journal on something that interests them. They will have the opportunity to write a draft copy, submit it, and re-write it for a final submission.