Message From Your Teachers:

Hi Sebastian!

We miss you and hope that you are doing well! I'm sure you're enjoying doing some learning online. Keep those essential oils handy. smiley


Journal Prompt:

This week, something that made me feel happy was...



Ms. Andriuk's Class:

Sebastian Access Code: JENL WDWL ECYD





You have your math workbooks and materials provided to you by your integration teachers, but the following information to gain access to an online math program that you've been set up on.  You'll be able to complete missions that have been assigned to you and earn stars along the way!  Don't worry about the grade levels of each of the assigned missions.  That part isn't important at all.  smiley

Click here for the website.


At the top, right-hand side of the screen you'll see 'Students: Enter Class Code'   -  The code is:  art6297


When the list of names comes up you will select your name.  At this point you will be asked to create a password (**make sure you write your password down!!), select a bot and then your assigned missions will come up.