Miss LaTrace's Kindergarten

Week of May 6-10

  • Luseal is going on some great adventures! Thank you to all of you who have helped your child write in Luseal's notebook and attach pictures. We are having such a great time hearing of her adventures at your homes. I really love this project.
  • We finished all 26 letters of the alphabet in our Reading series. We will spend the remainder of the year reviewing short vowel sounds and we'll have a brief introduction to long vowel sounds.
  • We just finished our Money chapter in math and we took our chapter test. This week, we'll be taking our cumulative test on Chapters 1-10 and then we will begin Chapter 11 on Measurement.
  • Keep up the practice with sight words at home (please see bottom of website for complete list)
  • We've discussed all planets in our Solar System. We will be putting everything we learned into a book that we will take home and keep! We will be completing a tasty project to end our unit soon :)
  • On Wednesday, we will celebrate May Crowning. Children are to wear dress up clothes on Wednesday. On Thursday, we will be attending 10:45 Mass in honor of Jesus' Ascension into Heaven after His 40 days back on Earth following Easter.
  • Our complete sight word list is: like is can am red blue but I the go have it do not in big up a get where what one three here little two we at want you that yellow my see and (for extra practice, put them into sentences at home! We do it in school too!)
  • Our end of the year ceremony is Monday, June 17th at 9:30 in the morning. Children are to wear dress up clothes then too. We will also be having a little "brunch" following our ceremony. You will be instructed on what to bring as the date gets closer.
  • We welcome 5 little caterpillars into our classroom! Kailyn's mom ordered them for us and we are very excited to watch them form their chrysalis' and transform into beautiful butterflies! We will release them before we "graduate."

- Please SEND BACK all of the work that goes home in the Tuesday folder. It stays on file in the classroom.

** If you notice your child is having ANY difficulty at all, please let me know right away so I can address it in class. Thank you!

* If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. I can be reached via e-mail at: aslatrace.teacher.464@patdioschools.org