About Mrs. R.

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ABOUT ME . . .

(A little wet at the Minnesota State Fair, but it was fun.)


The eastside of St. Paul, MN, is where I grew up with my three younger brothers until we moved to North St. Paul, MN. My family did lots of camping on summer weekends with a popup trailer. Playing neighborhood games like kick-the-can, football, and kickball filled hours of my free time. We lived on the bookmobile route, so I always had lots of books to read. In high school I played volleyball, sang in the concert choir, and attended lots of sporting events as a spectator. My jobs during high school included babysitting and working at Perkins.


Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall, MN, is where i earned my undergraduate degree in teaching. While going to school there I worked in the Print Shop, was a math tutor, and was a Student Center manager. It is also there that I met many great friends, including my husband who happens to be a middle school math teacher. I earned my master's degree online from Nova Southeastern University, so I'm very familiar with being an online learner.  Besides those degrees, I've taken oodles of classes because I love learning new things.


I live in New Richmond, WI. My husband and I have three boys that range in age from 19 - 32. Our oldest lives in Fridley. The middle fella is in the process of moving back home to attend WITC-NR, and our youngest will be attending college in Morris, MN, for his second year. We have two dogs, chiweenies, named Fred and Frank. Besides teaching, my husband also coaches the New Richmond High School boys' track & field team.


I started out teaching in a K-12 school in Emmons, MN in 1982. After six years of teaching, coaching, and directing plays I began teaching in New Richmond where I taught until about four years ago. My last teaching assignment was sixth grade language arts and literature. Since resigning from that position due to health challenges, I've done some volunteering at the school, some subbing, taught an online GT language class, taught a GT reading class, and now I'm working for St. Croix Central as a virtual teacher.


Gardening (perennials and vegetables), embroidering, sewing doll clothes, quilting, and reading are my favorite things to do besides spending time with my family. Canning banana peppers was a new treat this summer, and I just joined a water aerobics class.