Team Rules/Guidelines

Discipline Procedures 

All students will be expected to follow the guidelines as stated in the Student Handbook and School Matrix.  Failure to follow these guidelines will be handled immediately by teachers or administrators.  The easiest way to comply is to think about our team/school guidelines: 

Be …Prompt, Prepared, Polite, Productive, and Proud 

Students will be successful if they consider their actions in this way and follow the 5 P’s.  If a student does not follow the guidelines, we will document their off-target behaviors (OT) and proceed in the following manner: 

INCIDENT:                   RESPONSE: 

*                                  Verbal Correction – Student conference with teacher

1st OT                         Parent Contact & Warning (parents receive a written form to sign & return)

2nd OT                        Parent Contact & Silent Lunch

3rd OT                         Parent Contact & In-Team

4th OT                         Parent Contact & Office Referral (Possible After-school Detention)

5th OT                         Parent Contact & Office Referral (Possible ISS/OSS, other) 

We will attempt to contact parents by phone, email and/or written correspondence.  Please be sure we have updated information. 

No PURSES, BOOKBAGS, ATHLETIC BAGS, ELECTRONIC DEVICES are allowed in classrooms.  These must remain in lockers.  The BCBOE handbook will be followed very strictly in the case of cell phones….