winkABCya! For grades PreK - 6th. Free, unless you want to pay for a family account.  (letter recognition, letter sounds)

winkABC Mouse...Free for now!


Jack Hartman 

  • Many of the videos fitting Pre-K standards. We do a few of these in our daily morning routine. 

  • Counting videos: counting to 20 and 100

The Learning Station These are good for brain breaks and keeping students active. 


  • Interactive storybooks

  • Free trial for 1 month then $4.99 a month


winkKids National Geographic (Nat Geo for Kids- Learn about geography and fascinating animals) (Seusville, read play games and hang out with Dr. Seuss and his friends!)

winkstorylineonline (Have some of your favorite stories read to you by movie stars!)

winkHighlights Kids (Read, play games and conduct cool science experiments


  • Parent tips for PreK parents-   

    • Practice identifying letters in everyday items. 

    • Make alphabet flashcards and practice the sounds.  

      • Identify vowels- A, E, I, O and U

      • The remaining letters are consonants.

    • Make number flashcards.  Have your students identify numbers all the way to 20.   Have your student practice counting to 20, or higher if they’re able.

    • Continue to read books when you can, if your student is ready to read or it is his or her level and they want to help read encourage them to do so.

    • Practice reading Consonant, Vowel, Consonant words, i.e. dog, cat, mop

    • Name writing and name tracing. Have students write their names on papers with lines. They can use pencils, crayons, markers, spraying shaving cream on the counter and then writing their name, playdough, etc.