SEEK Summer Bridge Program

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This website is a fantastic new innovation brought to you by the College of Staten Island, Percy Ellis Sutton SEEK Program’s Learning Center.

Congratulations.  Either you passed all of the CUNY Skills Assessment exams, or you were except from taking the assessments.  Some students may satisfy this requirement by achieving the necessary scores on the Regents, ACT, or SAT exams. No matter which category you fall into, your advanced status qualifies you as one of our Bridge students.  At SEEK we celebrate your amazing accomplishment and are proud to have you as one of the select students who meet Bridge’s stringent requirements.  All potential SEEK students who either pass/ or are exempt, from all three exams must complete the SEEK Summer Bridge Program prior to starting classes in the fall.  

This website was designed to assist Bridge students in meeting their SEEK Summer Bridge obligation.

There are three components to completing your Bridge requirements. Each component is on a separate page within this site. Read the material in each section then respond by emailing your answers to the SEEK office.

  1. College Success Strategies
  2. Technology Workshop
  3. College Writing Workshop