Room 111: Ms. Harvel's System Level 2 Class

Welcome Wildcats to Room 111. 

Hi My name is Sarah Harvel and I am excited to have you in class! 

First let me tell you a little about my self, I have three dogs and will be going into my third year of teaching.

My favorites: 

  • Color green.
  • Food is French fried and salad 
  • Season is fall 
  • Country music
  • Sport is football and Payton Manning

Now a little about our Classroom we have: 

  • A rabbit named Sir Hops Alot 
  • 2 aquatic turtles names Salt and Pepper
  • 5 plants 
  • Refrigerator 
  • 2 Computers
  • Giant Schedule on board
  • Daily jokes, weather
  • Talk about feelings
  • Learn something every day
  • Have fun and learn some more. 

Our classroom is a safe place where I expect you to come to learn, have fun and help me keep this a safe place for our friends. Every day there will be a list of things I want to accomplish as a group and then individually with students. Free time for a choice activity is for the end of the day, this is typically when we get free time on technology. Free time at then end of the day is a privilege that 90% of the time students earn. Students earn free time by completing group and individual assignments, participating, following directions, using their words and asking/requesting. There will be breaks through out the day of less preferred activities. 

I will encourage and help our students to make age appropriate decisions, and will look to you and the student on what they want to learn and what they enjoy. The great thing about being in Room 111 is we have the opportunity to learn whatever our students want (with in reason). 

Let\'s get ready for an awesome School Year 2015/2016!!!