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Science Assignments for the week

AOW Monday through Friday, See reading for day to day instructions! The AOW is due EVERY Friday worth 4 points, it supports our lab class. 

Students should be completing all lab work on Tuesdays during lab and science class. This includes reflections and notebooking. 


Article of the Week 


2/3/2020 Kinetic & Potential Energy 


1/21/20 Magnet Fields and Compasse

1/6/20 Ecology

12/16/19 What is Aquaponics?

12/2/10 Are There Series Circuits or Parrallel on Christmas Tree Lights? 

11/25/19 No AOW (2 day school week)

11/12/19 "What is a battery?"

11/4/19 "Daylight Savings Time"

10/28/19 "Candy Corn: A Unique Treat"

10/21/19 "Electricity & Energy: Circuits"

10/16/19 "Conductors & Insulators" 

10/7/19 "Energy & Circuits" 

10/3/19 "Circuits"

9/24/19 "Charges" 

9/16/19 "What is Science?"




Upcoming Assessments 

2/7/2020 Energy Transfer Quiz