Superhero Student Shoutouts!

AVID Superhero Students

AVID Superheros display PBIS behavior as well as AVID Integrity. These students are chosen weekly based on Growth Mindset, Completed Assignments, Relationships with others and Individualized Determination in and outside of the classroom. 

These students will receive a special pass from me that allows them to be the classroom helpers of the week, have first choice on flexible seating, walk to classes 5 minutes prior than the rest of the class, and eat lunch with the teacher. Each week new students will be rewarded so each student has a fair chance to have their turn. 

Superhero Leader of the Week


The Superhero Leader of the week is rewarded the Superhero Leader Desk. This desk is larger than the rest, sits alone and has a stool. Students who sit in this special seat are the Teacher's Assistant for the week. Students who are awarded this privilege have completed all of their homework, have been helpful in all of their classes, who may have made a bad choice but were able to turn it around, who participate regularly and try their best.


Random Superhero Shout Outs

Student who receive a Superhero Shout Out will find a special note on their desk from me with a prize. Their Shout Out will be posted here for recognition. 

A Superhero Shout Out goes to...



Fast Track



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