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CURRICULUM VITAE STALIN SUBBIAH                                                                                                                                                                                               FLAT-32,BLD-1095

                                                                                                                                                ROAD-2113, BLCOK-321

OBJECTIVE:   In pursuit of a challenging teaching career and involve in areas having specialization in ELECTRONICS  PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:I 

(a)      Period       : September 2009 – Till Date

(b)     Employer   : Bahrain Training Institute (BTI), Kingdom of Bahrain

(c)      Position      : Lecturer, Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

(d)      Involvement  

·         Teaching all Electronics Modules.

·         Preparing Scheme of work, Lesson plan for Modules given.

·         Conducting Examiner for Practical exams.

 (e)     Achievement ·       Motivating students in learning process.II 

(a)      Period       : January 2009August2009

(b)     Employer   : RVS College of Engg, Coimbatore ,India

(c)      Position      : Lecturer, Department of Electronics & Communication

(d)      Involvement  

·         Teaching Electronics Modules, Carrier oriented Programs.

·         Setting Question Papers for the Final Exam.

·         Examiner for Practical exams.

·         Additional responsibility as Web Coordinator in monitoring College Website.   III

(a)      Period       : December 2006 - December 2008 (2 years)

(b)     Employer   : St Joseph College Engineering & Technology, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

(c)      Position      : Lecturer, Department of Electronics & Communication Engg

(d)      Involvement  

·         Teaching Electronics Modules, Counseling and motivating the students in reading.

·         Setting Question Papers for the Final Exam.

·         Examiner for Practical exams.

·         Additional responsibility as Placement Officer in monitoring Practical Training and placement Assistance for engineering students.(e)     Achievement ·       Motivating students, Co-coordinating and Co-operating with the students and colleague to provide  a smooth environment.·       Job Assistance and career guidance given to final year students.·       Ability to work under pressure in a fast-paced, unstructured, time-sensitive environment.                                                                          IV(a)      Period      : August 2004 – December 2006,

                (b)     Employer :  Karpagam Science College, Coimbatore, India

(c)      Position   : Lecturer, Department of Electronics

(d)     Involvement

·    Teaching various Electronics subjects and motivating students academically.

·    Project coordinator for Final year Electronics Students.

 (e)    Achievement ·         Received   awards and certificates for producing 100% results in the university exams.

·         Guided more than 5 UG academic Projects and 10 P.G academic Projects.

                                                                 V(a)      Period        : August 2002- August 2004 (b)      Employer   : Adaikala Matha University, Thanjavur, India(c)       Position      : Lecturer, Department of Electronics 

(d)      Involvement :

 * Teaching the assigned courses, preparing related material and keeping a file for each  course.* Supervising and counseling students on theoretical and practical activities.
* Keeping records of the students’ results, activities and attendance.
 * Writing exam papers and quizzes, conducting examinations, carrying out the necessary assessment and reviewing results in compliance with the bylaws and the prevailing college regulations and instructions. (e)     Achievement: ·      Offering academic counseling and career advice to students. ·     Supervising the on-the-job training of the students, providing assistance to the supervisors of industrial sector in charge of the college students during their training and presenting reports on the students’ progress to the concerned heads. ·         Presenting a report for every semester’s activities and suggesting development to the concerned heads.·         Carrying out any others tasks assigned by the concerned heads of center, department or section.                                    FIELD OF SPECIALIZATION IN TEACHING:a)      Advanced Microprocessors & Microcontrollersb)      Analog & Digital Electronicsc)      Telecommunication Engineeringd)     Industrial Electronicse)      Communication Engineeringf)       Mobile Communicationsg)      Information Technology  OTHER PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES: SEMINARS ATTENDED:             Attended International Conference on topic Capacity Building on Engineering Education for Sustainable Development conducted at Tanzania, East Africa                                                      Attended a State Level seminar on topic DSP and embedded system, conducted at Sree Vasavi College, Erode, India Attended a UGC sponsored National level seminar on topic VHDL tools for VLSI Design, conducted at PSG College of Arts And Science College, Coimbatore, India Attended AICTE sponsored National level seminar on MICROCONTROLLER & EMBEDDED SYSTEM conducted at Periyar Centenary Girls Polytechnic College, Thanjavur, India PAPERS PRESENTED: Presented paper on topic “Thought Communication” at National Level management meets conducted by Adaikalamatha Institute of Management, Thanjavur, India PROJECTS GUIDED:                    Industrial fault detector and Announciator using PIC Microcontroller                   Microcontroller based electronic locking system                   PIC Microcontroller based modular dot matrix display                   CDMA transceivers using DDS                    PIC based Office Automation system                        EDUCATION:


               2006-2008 [Sri Vasavi College, Erode, India]

               M.Phil ., Master of Philosophy In Electronics                         M.Phil Dissertation: Unlimited mobility is the main goal of the 3G mobile systems. To attain this goal various technologies like FDMA, TDMA and CDMA are developed in 2G ,which do not attain the main goal. Also 2G CDMA, offered max utilization of bandwidth and no high speed mobility to a mobile user, due to its complex design.To attain this high mobility to mobile user in 3G, OFDM is introduced  which uses many carriers instead of one carrier to transmit the digital information, which does allow repetition of signals, which is not possible in CDMA.In this dissertation a wireless channel is simulated and designed using GUI interface in MATLAB. The designed system was tested with OFDM using QAM, an available efficient single carrier modulation.  Using a sound file as a input, various wave forms are generated and concluded for efficiency of OFDM system over single carrier systems                                    2000-2002  [St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous), Trichirapalli,India]

M.Sc., Master of Science in Electronics

Aggregate of 65% with First class
 M.Sc project: DSP based Transient analyzer for Lead-Acid batteries at CECRI, (An Enterprise of Council of Scientific Industrial Research, Karaikudi, India)To design a system capable of analyzing the battery without any hindrance to its properties, been the core of the project. A collective effort has been aimed towards the development of instrument, which provides on-line measurement of % SOC (State of Charge), of maintenance free Lead-Acid batteries (MFLA) by the method of transient analyzing technique. This method is supported by hardware and software package by TMS320C50, the tool to measure batteries parameters like internal resistance, capacitance .Percentage SOC from transient response of the battery. 2000-2001         [BDPS Software Ltd., Trichirapalli,India]PGDCA., Post Graduate Diploma in Computer ApplicationsGrade of First class 1997-2000    [St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous), Trichirapalli, India]B.Sc., Bachelor of Science in Physics  Aggregate of 65% with First Class 1996-1997    [Dalmia Higher Secondary School, Dalmiapuram, Trichirapalli, India]HSC- Higher Secondary CertificateAggregate of 70% 1994 -1995    [Vivekananda Matriculation School, Dalmiapuram, India]

 SSLC- Secondary School Leaving Certificate

Aggregate of 73% with First Class HARDWARE EXPOSURE:                        Integrated  Development Environment :   MP Lab, Circuit Maker, Trax Maker                                                                                           Flow code                        PIC 16F877 Microcontroller Programming Skills COMPUTER EXPOSURE:                         Language: C, C++, Pascal,                        Modeling Package: MS Office, FoxPro OTHER INTERESTS:                                                              Photography, Arts, Oil Paintings, Sports &Games PERSONAL DETAILS: Gender                                      :           MaleFather’s Name                         :           Mr SubbiahDate of birth & Age                :           12-02-1979, 32 yearsLanguages known                  :           English & TamilMarital status                          :           MarriedNumber of Children                :           1
                Nationality-Religion               :           Indian -Hindu
Blood group                            :           AB+Permanent address                  :           9-C Raja Nagar, Kallakkudi,                 Trichy District

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