Dr, Butler -- Other Courses Taught

Adjunct Courses:           


EDU 521 Effective Reading Instruction (2 terms) 

EDU 522 Diagnosis and Remediation of Reading (2 terms)                                 

RED 500 Reading in the Content Fields (2 terms)                                   

ED 505 Remediation and Correction of Reading Problems (2 terms)                                                                     

Elementary Education                                

EDU 260 Educational Psychology (6 terms)                                    

 EDU 524 Children’s Literature and Multi-Media (5 terms on ground and one term online)


ORM 3014 Group and Organizational Behavior (2 terms) 

ORM 3143 Organizational Management (3 terms)

Adjunct Assignments:  

Palm Beach Atlantic University,   Palm Beach, FL , Adjunct Professor:  Leadership, 2008 to present                                                                                 

   St. Thomas University,        Miami, FL         Adjunct Professor:  Masters Level Reading Program       2007 to present, Online Professor:   Masters Level Elementary Education Program  

Trinity International University, Davie, FL            Professor:  Elementary Education  ,       2009 to present     Also served as a curriculum writer. 

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