Super Bad is from the planet of Nylon. He’s main objective is to locate and destroy the plant Golan, the home of BM, Brain man. SUPERBAD's most recognizable super powers is super strength, he can stop a comet in mid space. As a child he found his vision was amazing, he could she through anything. His only  weakness is a mineral found on the planet of Golan, which is why he must destroy is. This mineral is GOLANITE, which weakens his defenses. But since Brain Mans weakness is Nylonite and Super Bads weakness is Golanite, There battles must be fought on different planets. Since he didn’t have parents he feels into a deep depression, when he  destroyed everyone on his planet. HE doesn’t wear tights; he wears a tux to hide the pain. He tried a mask I just wasn’t his thing.   He has the highest tech lair, any supervillan could wish for.  His idea of a good time is beating up Brain Man.  

He has anger problems, but its ok he is seeing a therapist, an evil one in fact. Besides the evilness he is a very nice guy , just don’t look at him weird.