All About Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was born on  January 17, 1706 to Josiah and Abiah Franklin.  He was one of 17 children

and was raised in Boston, Massachusetts.  Ben attended only one year of grammar school, where he learned

to read and write.  However, he could not become a member of the clergy without more years of schooling.

At the age of 12 Ben apprenticed with his brother, James, and learned about the printing business.  This

became a passion of his that he would carry with him his whole life, no matter where he resided.

In 1728, Franklin fathered a son, William, whose mother is not known.  In 1729, Benjamin bought 

"The Pennsylvania Gazette" and not only printed the newspaper, but contributed articles to it under

various aliases.  In 1730 he married Deborah Read and in addition to running their own print

shop they also ran a store together.

"Poor Richard's Almanac" came to being in 1733.  This is where many of Franklin's memorable quotes have come from,

such as "a penny saved is a penny earned".


Along with his political accomplishments and several inventions, Franklin also fathered two more children with wife,

Deborah.  Francis Folger Franklin was born on October 20, 1732 and died on November 21, 1736.  He was only four

years old.  Sarah Franklin Bache was born on September 11, 1743.


On April 17, 1790, Benjamin Franklin died at the age of 84 and 20,000 people attended his funeral.


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