About Me

Hello, my name is Ms. Sadae and I am the Preschool teacher at Little People’s Village.  I was born and raised in Philadelphia in a rather large family.  After graduating high school I moved to Indiana to pursue any degree in early childhood education .  I started at a very young age working with kids and I grew to love watching their different behaviors and helping form them in to awesome human beings.  Being number one out of five children has given me the much needed skills to fulfill my dream of teaching young children.  In 2015 I began my career in early learning working as an assistant toddler teacher and preschool teacher.

I have  been employed with Little peoples village since 2016 and truly feel as though this is my second home.  I believe that some of the most important skills to have when working with little children is patience, flexibility and love.  


"The best way to predict your future is to create it."  - Abraham Lincoln