How Good is my Lab Report?

How Good is My Science Lab Report?  

 ?    Is my lab report turned in on time?o       My lab report is due to Miss Neuer the week after we work on the experiment.o       If my lab report is turned in on time, I will receive 10 points. ?    Is my lab report complete and neat? o       My lab report has all parts completed and is neat enough that it can be read easily. o       I have written my answers by myself and did the best I can. o       If my lab report is neat and complete, I will receive 10 points. ?    Did I carefully read the question and form a good hypothesis? o       I read the question carefully. I am sure I understand what is being asked so that my hypothesis makes sense. o       My hypothesis is a good guess about what I think will happen in this experiment and has a reason why I think it is right.o       If I read the question carefully and wrote a good hypothesis, I will receive 15 points. ?    Is my materials checklist complete and accurate? o       I read the materials checklist and made sure I had all the materials. o       If I got all of the materials, I will receive 5 points. ?    Did I read and follow the experiment plan? o       I carefully followed the steps that I used in this experiment.o       If I followed the experiment plan carefully, I will receive 5 points. ?    Are my observations complete and accurate? o       I wrote down or drew pictures of everything I observed while doing the experiment. o       If my observations are complete and accurate, I will receive 20 points. ?    Are my results detailed and accurate?o       I wrote about or drew pictures of what happened during my experiment or made a graph or table to show what happened. o       If my results are detailed and accurate, I will receive 20 points. ?    Do my conclusions support my observations and results? o       I explained how the results of the experiment supported or did not support my hypothesis. My experiment is not a failure if my hypothesis is wrong!o        If my conclusions support the observations and results, I will receive 15 points.  ?    When I add up the points I received on each section, I get the grade I received on my lab. I know that if a section of the lab is not finished or incorrect, I will receive only partial credit for that section. ?    I know that if I do not turn in a lab within a month of its due date, it may not be accepted.