Science Lab Safety Agreement

Saint Charles Science Lab Safety Agreement           Welcome! It is so exciting that we will be able to perform scientific experiments and investigations this year. To make sure that your lab experiences are exciting and safe, always follow these safety rules: ?    I will always try my best, learn something new and have fun.?    I will follow Miss Neuer’s instructions and safety rules carefully.?    I will be a responsible scientist. I know what to do during fire drills, how to use a fire extinguisher and the eye wash station.?    I will work well with a partner or group. ?    I will keep my work area neat. I will put my things in the book slot at my lab table. ?    I will come to the Lab ready to learn with a notebook, lab folder and sharpened pencil. ?    I will dress the right way for the lab:o       My hair will be tied back.o       I will remove or tuck in any dangling jewelry.o       I will tuck my tie into my shirt.o       I will wear a lab apron, goggles and gloves if Miss Neuer says to. ?    If anything breaks, gets into my eyes, spills, or gets on my clothes or skin, I will call Miss Neuer and wait for help.?    I can be trusted. I will not touch, taste, smell or mix anything until I am told to do so.?    I know the things in the lab are not toys. I will be careful with everything.?    I will touch plants and animals carefully and wash my hands when I am done. I will treat all of God’s creatures with love and respect.?    I am careful. I will examine all materials before I use them to make sure they are not broken. I will tell Miss Neuer right away if something is broken. ?    I will leave my workspace like I found it. I will follow Miss Neuer’s directions for putting things away. I will wash my hands with soap and water after putting everything away.?    I will work with my group and not distract other students so that we can all do our best. ?    I will stay at my table and keep my hands and feet to myself so that everyone is safe during lab time.  
Please return this tear-off to Miss Neuer the next time you visit the Science Lab
 I, ____________________________, have read the safety rules and agree to follow them. I know they are meant to keep me and my classmates safe and allow us to learn. I understand that there will be consequences if I choose to ignore any of these rules. __________________________________     __________     __________     Student’s Signature                                                                                       Class                                 Date I have read the safety agreement with my child and agree to reinforce it at home. __________________________________     __________     Parent’s Signature                                                                                                          Date