Third Three Weeks


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Third Three Weeks

Students will learn to use the research resources available to them from the Kentucky Virtual Library (KYVL).  This website allows students to significantly limit their searches, so the number of “hits” to their query is not so overwhelming.   

A guiding question for this section could be:

Choose a topic of interest and develop a list of 8-10 questions related to that topic. 

Using the KYVL website, use a variety of resources (magazine, newspapers, articles,etc.) to locate some information that would begin to answer your questions. 

You may not find the exact answer to your question, but I am interested in the resources you use to locate the information that would lead to an answer. (25 points)

Third Three Weeks Grading - total of 100 points

Students will be able to earn another 100 points for satisfactory participation in Free Reading Fridays and Agenda Checks with filled in Blazer Targets.