Contributing to the Profession

My Contribution:                       

I would like to share some  resources that I could not live without as a Special Education teacher to Students with Moderate to Severe Needs.  Some of these do cost a monthly subscription but are well worth there weight in gold and have the ability to save you tones of time especially when adapting or modifiying                                                                                             curriculum. 




 is a monthly subscription, but is well worth the $10 dollars a month because not only do you have access to the boardmaker tools of creating adapted books, presentations, visuals, communication boards, and activities that are accessible for all levels of learners you also have access to the boardmaker community.  This means you have access to thousands of activities created by educators that you can download or print that are all included in your monthly subscription. is a Blog that is excellent especially for new teachers who need ideas and help in setting up their special education classroom.  It includes videos and visuals that help any teacher set up their classroom to support visual learners like students with special needs or English learners. The Blog series include also include ABA 101, Literacy for Children with Autism, Cooking up Communication, and TAH Teacher Spotlight.  This website also covers all other areas of academics, behavior, and communication.  The Blog is free to view, and products that are mentioned can be purchased on is a website the sells materials and activities that are adapted and specialized for students with special needs.  What I like about these materials is that each item has more then one goal attached to the activity.  This website also has a goal bank and activities that are aligned to grade levels and subject content.  

Some of my favorite quotes that I post at my desk, that give encouragement every day