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Light System for Behavior:

BLUE:    GREEN:     YELLOW:     RED:

The students are assigned a number, represented on a clothespin.  EVERY day, all students begin on GREEN!! Completing work, following directions, listening the first time, etc. will keep a student on GREEN.  When a student goes above and beyond, helping others, being a great example, etc. they will earn their move to BLUE.  When students choose to disregard directions/rules, they have earned a YELLOW light.  If the behavior improves the student may earn their way back to GREEN.  If the behavior continues, that student will have earned a RED light for the day. 

Each student will have a behavior chart in their folder.  The students will be coloring in a box with their earned color so you can make daily checks on your child’s behavior.  Students with GREEN or BLUE lights will earn a point toward the Treasure Box! Please reinforce the expectations at school and determine your own consequence, if you feel one is needed.  These colored lights are visual reminders that a particular behavior is desirable or needs to change.  Also, be aware that violent behavior (pushing, hitting, etc.) is a RED light offense.  Remember that every child begins each day with a GREEN light.

Character Counts Pledge 

I pledge to be a person of CHARACTER. 



Doing what I must.

I will always act with FAIRNESS.

I will always show I CARE.

I will be a GOOD CITIZEN

And always do my share.


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Thank you! 

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