Welcome to 5th Grade!

Welcome 5th Graders! My name is Ms. Furrier and I am thrilled to be your 5th grade teacher this year! Together, we will have an amazing time seeking knowledge, forming connections and exploring exciting academic concepts! You won't be dissapointed! My particular favorite subject is Science, and I know that you'll enjoy it, too! We will do tons of mind-boggling hands-on experiments, where you'll be transformed from an ordinary 5th grader into a Super Scientist! I'll let you decide if you're going to be a "mad" one or not! 

 I have designed this website to be a helpful tool for you and your family. It will include our daily homework assignments, information updates and other pertinent information that will assist you in having a successful year in 5th grade!

 I hope that you enjoy the rest of your summer and I look forward to our Open House from 4-6 on Wednesday, August 3, and can't wait for the official start of the school year on Thursday, August 4, at 7:55 am. See you then!