Lesson 5

Lesson Plan #5 Title:  Retelling what you are reading who/what/where

Performance Objective 5:  Students will be able to verbally tell their partner who the main character in the story is, what the problem is, and when or where the story is taking place receiving a 2 out of 3 on the rubric. 

Resources or Materials Needed: Princess in Black, Mercy Watson, computer for IXL

Time: 1 hour 

Step 1: Pre-Instructional Activities: Students have now learned how to find the who and what and retell it showing comprehension of what they are reading. Students will tell their partner what they think the where would be in a story when we are retelling what is happening in the text. Students are shown the comprehension video from GoNoodle.com. 


Step 2: Content Presentation: Teacher begins by explaining that now that the students can find who and the what the story is about we are going to add more. Now we will find where in the text is about. Teacher will model reading The Princess in Black, finding the who, what, and now how to find the where. Teacher will model telling a partner about all three things.


Step 3: Learner Participation: Students will watch the teacher as she models the who, what, and where. Students will complete the we do by verbally practicing retelling the who, what, and where from a Mercy Watson book to a partner. 

Step 4: Assessment: The assessment in this lesson is formative. The teacher will listen for the communication between partners and take anecdotal notes to show whether the students were able to verbally retell who the story was about and what the problem was.  

Step 5: Follow-Through Activities: Teacher will model accessing IXL.com from their computer and how to access the reading passages that ask comprehension questions about retelling. Students can do this during their independent work time.