Frequently Asked Questions:   

How do I pay online for field trips, pizza day, subway and any other activities?

When paying the fee for your child’s field trip or food days, please note that you may now use the School Cash Online system that is fast and convenient. Simply go to https://sudburycatholicschools.schoolcashonline.com and click on ‘Get Started Today’.” Follow the steps on the screen.


Is Pius XII a peanut free school?

Pius XII has a peanut/nut awareness policy. Parents/Guardians must ensure student snacks and lunches are peanut free. Read the package ingredients, some products have the peanut free symbol found on the package. This is a life threatening issue at our school, please be aware of what you send to school with your child.


How does my child select the appropriate book for his/her reading level?

- students choose a book that is grade and reading level appropriate based on the following strategies:
- turn to any page and start reading, if you count 10 or more words the book is too hard choose a different book.

How much unfinished class work should my child have nightly?

According to Ministry guidelines homework should be only the work that was not completed during the school day. We use the rule of thumb for 10 minutes x the grade:
Example: Gr. 5 x 10 minutes = 50 minutes of homework as a maximum in one day.
Grade 4 should not exceed 40 minutes
Grade 5 should not exceed 50 minutes