The Five Senses

The Five Senses

How do you discover the world around you?  From the moment you were created, you have been using your senses to learn about your world.  Our eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and skin give us so much information every day!  We can tell how big something is, if something is sweet or salty, if something is scratchy or soft, or if something is loud or quiet.  Our senses all work together to help us interpret our world.  In fact, we rarely experience with one sense alone!  Using our senses together helps us to better understand our world and what we are experiencing. 

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.....The Sense of Touch.....

Your sense of touch, also known as your tactile sense, comes from a network of receptors in your skin.  Your skin in your body's largest organ and it's largest sensory system!  The receptors sense pressure on your skin and that is how you can feel touch.  You can feel temperature (hot, cold), texture (soft and hard, smooth and bumpy, wet or dry), shape, and pressure (how much something is pushing against you: the wind, your seatbelt, clothes, the chair you are sitting in).   Because your skin covers your entire body, you can feel things with your entire body! 

Sense of Touch - How the Body Works


Sense of Touch Walk

Reverse Finger Painting

Sensory Bin

.....The Sense of Sight......

How can you tell where something is and what it looks like (color, shape, size, brightness)? Your eyeballs are the organs that give you your sense of sight, also called vision or eyesight. Your eyes let you see the world around you.  In fact, most of what we learn about our world comes from our sense of sight!  

Sense of Sight - How the Body Works


Blindfold Games

Sense of Sight Fun

.....The Sense of Smell.....

Cookies baking in the oven, flowers in the garden, soap from the sink...your sense of smell lets you know what each of these are and if the smell is one you like or do not like. Your nose is the organ is charge of smelling and sending the messages to the brain to interpret. Did you know that we can detect up to 10,000 different smells?   

Five Senses: The Sense of Smell

"Let's Explore the Sense of Smell" written by Barbara Martinez


Sense of Smell Game

Jello Paint

.....The Sense of Hearing.....

Your ears are the organs that send signals to your brain and allow you to hear music, people, animals, machines, and the whole world around you.  

"Our Sense of Hearing" written by Jennifer Smith

How Your Ears Work


Guess the Sound Game

Listening Game - Guess The Sound

.....The Sense of Taste.....

We can experience so many different kids of tastes: sweet, sour, bitter, and salty.  Our tongue is the organ that experiences taste and sends the messages to our brains. 

"What Is Taste?" written by Jennifer Boothroyd

Your Tongue: The Taste-Maker!


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