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This Web Site is an interest site for you and your family. I encourage monitoring your child when on the internet as the internet by itself has few boundaries. The links below on Internet Safety originate from the Waterloo Regional Police Services Site and I encourage you to view these with your child. The other sites are general interest sites and have been previewed at the time of posting. I would encourage viewing these with your child as well.

        Internet Safety and Kids

                             Internet Safety and Your Family

 Just a reminder to eat healthy foods first please and that in our class you can Munch, Munch, Munch on healthy fruits and vegetables!

If you like star gazing like I do the cold nights provide clear skies to look upward. Here is a link to The Night Sky Guy with some interesting information about a Massive Black Hole.

Here is a Celestial Calender of events for those Cold Nights of Star Gazing:


Monthly Calendar of Celestial Events

Dec.2 Jupiter at opposition
Dec.3 Mercury, Venus and Saturn aligned in the dawn sky
Dec.4 Mercury appears farthest from Sun in dawn sky
Dec.6 last quarter Moon
Dec.9 Asteroid Vesta at opposition
Dec.9 waning crescent Moon 1.5 degrees S. of Spica (Virgo) at dawn
Dec.10 Saturn 4 degrees N of Moon at dawn
Dec.11 Venus 1.6 degrees N of Moon at dawn
Dec.12 Moon at perigee 357,075 km
Dec.13 New Moon
Dec.13 Geminid meteor shower peaks at night
Dec.14 Moon 6 degrees from Mars at evening
Dec.15 Crescent Moon 6 degrees N of Antares (Scorpius)
Dec.18 Dwarf planet Ceres at opposition
Dec.20 First Quarter Moon
Dec.21 Winter Solstice arrives 6:12 am EST NOT the Apocalypse!
Dec.21 Ursid minor meteor shower peaks late night
Dec.25 Moon at apogee 406,098 km
Dec.25 Moon 1 degrees S of Jupiter
Dec.28 Full Moon


And here are the ISS (International Space Station) night sky sightings for December, Kitchener location.


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