Sean Milligan

Hello, Welcome to my teacher portfolio.
             I have created this site to express my interest in a position as a teacher.  It is my belief that my prior experience and passion for the profession would benefit both the students, and faculty at any school in my area.  My former teaching position was eliminated due to the closing of our school, and I currently teach History at the Mesivta High School in Brookline. 

In the last seven years, my experiences teaching history have been nothing less than amazing.  Since the day I first stepped into the classroom, I knew that this would be a lifelong career for me.  My calm approach and peaceful demeanor have given me the ability to work with students of all learning styles and levels.  Given my background in education and desire to continue evolving as a teacher I am confident I would be successful working in a humanities teaching position.

It has always been my belief that in orderfor students to flourish it is my responsibility to teach not only the curriculum but to encourage their personal growth and to lead by example. As a lifelong resident who has taught in Medford, Somerville and Boston I am looking forward to continuing to work with young people from this area.


Sean P. Milligan