Elizabeth Castellana/ Vice Principal

(617) 750-5043 

To Whom it May Concern:


Having worked with a teacher for less than an entire school year, I would, under normal circumstances, doubt my ability to write a meaningful recommendation for a candidate.  However, in Sean Milligan’s case, the six months in which he has worked at the Uphams Corner Charter School have been sufficiently remarkable that I am honored to endorse him as a candidate for a teaching position.  Sean’s charisma and charm endear him quickly to supervisors, peers, and students immediately.  Sean’s candor can be disarming, and often to the best effect with those around him.


Sean’s sincerity, humility, and honesty have truly elevated the level of dialogue we can have as a staff at Uphams Corner Charter School.  He is always willing to concede his truth, to offer himself as an example, and to disagree, or be disagreed with.  This uniquely ideal set of characteristics has made Sean an irreplaceable facet of our success in creating a professional learning community among our faculty.


Sean has an earnest and evident passion for the history and literature he teaches.  He truly believes every detail of the students’ work is fascinating.  In reviewing an assessment he once administered, my principal feedback was that his questions were too rich and intriguing for the length of answers that time permitted.  Truly, each question Sean had written into the test was so rich, I would have loved to discuss each the students over a meal at least.  This typifies Sean’s deep connection to the material he teaches; regardless of what the scope and sequence permits, he is committed to the full exploration of the topics that he believes merit the student’s attention.


Sean has been an unprecedented asset to our school.  I continue to be pleasantly surprised at what a positive, frank, and committed member of our community he has become.  Sean is eager to be a part of this community and has come to embody it more quickly than I could have fathomed.  His ability to be himself while simultaneously immersing himself so immediately in a new school in the midst of the school year has been impressive to say the least.  I have been overjoyed to work with Sean this year and lament that our time with him has been so short.  He will be a genuine asset to any school that is lucky enough to count him on their faculty.  Please feel free to contact me if I can provide any further details to aid you in your search.





Elizabeth N. Castellana EdM

Vice Principal

Uphams Corner Charter School 


Nancy Harder/ ESL Director 

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To Whom It May Concern:


As previous head teacher and curriculum developer of the ESL program at Uphams Corner Charter School for the year 2008-2009, it’s with confidence that I recommend Sean Milligan for any teaching position involving ESL students.  He is well versed in all the necessary accommodations needed for students with native languages other than English. 

In his previous year of teaching, he was extremely helpful with providing material that needed translation or extra explanation ahead of time.  He also provided more simplistic activities, visuals and grading accommodations to all ESL students in his mainstream classrooms with ease. Please feel free to contact me with any questions in regards to his teaching experience.


Thank you,


Nancy Harder


 Lou-Anne Melino/ Principal at St. Benedict's

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(Written recommendation available on request)


Christine Capaldo/ Co-teacher at St. Benedict's ( I also substitute taught her class in Arlington Public numerous times.)

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(Written recommendation available on request)


Dr. Corrinne R Merritt/ Assistant Professor of Education; Emmanuel College (She was in charge of my practicum teaching)

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(Written recommendation available on request)


 Michael Mayo/ Executive Director at Uphams Corner Charter School

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(Written recommendation available on request)