Health Office Guidelines

There are sometimes circumstances that create the need to triage students who come to the health office.

The guidelines provided below are given to staff to help support students in need of assistance.

If a circumstance arises where you feel it is necessary to have a conversation regarding your child's access to the nurse office, please call or email the nurse office prior to contacting the classroom teacher or building administration.  Staff first consults with the School Nurse for such decisions.


Examples of Situations Requiring Nursing Assistance


Active Bleeding

That takes more than one bandaid can cover or if nose is bloody, a whole tissue in less than 3 minutes.


A note on when a student reports they have vomited in the BR: it is helpful to know what it looks like. Partially digested food is a typical illness, but yellow or green may indicates something more serious. 

Broken Bone


Chest/throat tightness, shortness of breath, chest pain, use of quick relief inhaler, known history of asthma.

 Bee Sting

Also includes any suspected allergy.  Itching, swelling, tingling, itching or swelling of mouth or tongue.

 Big Bump

Student hits their head.