La Clase del Señor Bennett

Welcome to Señor Bennett's Spanish class!  In this class, students learn Spanish in fun and creative ways!  We sing songs, dance, play games, draw vocabulary words, and talk and write about ourselves!  Each lesson is another opportunity to learn about the culture and language of the Spanish and Latin American world!  Please click on the links below or the tabs above to discover the unit content and progression for each specific grade level.  If you would like to learn more about the Liza Jackson Preparatory School Elementary Spanish program, please read below.

Kindergarten Spanish Unit Progression

First Grade Spanish Unit Progression

Second Grade Spanish Unit Progression

Third Grade Spanish Unit Progression

Fourth Grade Spanish Unit Progression

Fifth Grade Spanish Unit Progression

Spanish at Liza Jackson Preparatory School is given from Kindergarten all the way to eighth grade. However, grades Kindergarten through five are considered elementary Spanish. The elementary Spanish curriculum is a "looping" curriculum that uses the same unit progression in each grade level, but with more advanced exercises/activities and new vocabulary added into the loop as the grades increase in level. The reason for this is fairly simple. A fourth grade student who is new to Liza Jackson may not have had any Spanish in previous years. Because the fourth grade Spanish curriculum loops through the same units as each previous grade level, this student will not be left behind due to lack of previously learned vocabulary and grammar. Although the fourth grade units progress more quickly and are more vocabulary-intensive than the third grade units, this student will still have no problem keeping up with the pace of her fellow students.

The continuous "looping cycle" of vocabulary and activities also enriches students year after year to lead to more fluency and vocabulary retention.

All units begin with a set of vocabulary that is particular to the unit and specific to the grade level. Also, the units vary in length depending on the grade level involved. For example, the unit on weather terms for fifth grade may be four weeks in length, while the weather terms unit for Kindergarten is six weeks in length.