Class Syllabus

Spanish 1 Syllabus

Señora FordRoom #322 

Materials or Supplies- All supplies must be brought to class within the first week of school

1.     2 inch, 3 ring binder

2.    7 dividers labeled as follows: Sponges, Vocabulary, Grammar, Culture, Quizzes/Tests, Miscellaneous, Paper

3.    2 dry erase markers

4.    A clean old sock to use as a dry erase board eraser

5.    Notebook paper

6.    Blue or black ink pens

7.    Pencils

8.    Red pen

9.    Colored pencils or markers

10.  Flashcards- we will make flashcards for all vocabulary so you may get 1 or 2 packs of at least 100 flashcards to start off with and replenish your supply as you run out

11.  1 subject spiral notebook

12.  Textbook: Glencoe Spanish 1 Buen Viaje

13.  Workbook

Cuadernos/ Notebooks- Your notebook must be kept organized at all times, and will not be left in the classroom. Notebooks will be graded at random each 6 weeks. The order of your notebook should be as follows: 1.     Cover page with your name and class period2.    Syllabus3.    Sponges4.    Vocabulary 5.    Grammar6.    Culture7.    Quizzes/Tests8.    Miscellaneous9.    Notebook Paper

¿Por que debo aprender el español?/ Why should I learn Spanish??For native speakers- you can learn correct spelling, improve your writing skills, and broaden your vocabularyFor non-native speakers- more job opportunities if you know Spanish, and to challenge your mind.

Grading- I do not GIVE grades, you EARN grades based on YOUR efforts. You will receive both daily (40%) and major grades (60%). Major grades will consist of: chapter exams, chapter projects, notebook and verb chart checks, oral grades, and written essays. Daily grades are: class participation, quizzes, homework, sponges, and any other daily class assignments. I will not discuss your grade during class. If you have a question about your grade, see me after school or during tutorials. Homework can be expected. For this class, it is much better to study a little bit every day (20-30 minutes) instead of cramming the night before a test.

After an Excused Absence-·         Go to the lesson plan binder·         Copy the assignments from the day(s) you missed·         Pick up handouts·         Sign binder*Make up work for unexcused absences is unavailableIf you are absent, it is your responsibility to get your assignment (see lesson plan folder at the front of the room). I will not discuss make up work during class or between classes; you must see me before or after school in tutoring if you have questions. Daily grade assignments are due the next school day. Major grade assignments are due within 2 school days. Quizzes and tests must be made up before or after school. If you are absent the day before a quiz or test, you will still be required to complete the assignment with the rest of the class.

Late WorkNo late work is accepted at all.

CheatingThere is ZERO tolerance for cheating in my classroom. If you are the giver or the receiver of answers to an assignment, a quiz, or a test, you will receive a zero for that assignment with no chance of making it up.

TutoringI am available for tutoring in the mornings from 7:30am-7:50am and in the afternoons from 3:30pm-4:00pm. If I am not available, my tutorial partner is Señora Inman in room 325. You may also see any other Spanish teacher for tutorial help.  

Class Procedures

Beginning of Class-Please enter quietly, Leave all book bags, backpacks, and purses at the front of the room, Have a seat, Take out your materials, Review the agenda, place homework on the right hand corner of your desk, begin sponge activity*If you are scrambling to finish last night’s homework before the bell rings instead of completing the sponge activity you will not receive credit for the homework. *If you are not in your seat working when the tardy bell rings, you are tardy.

When you are tardy- Enter quietly, if excused: place excuse on my desk, if unexcused: sign the unexcused tardy log at the front of the room, have a seat and take out materials

End of Class- The teacher dismisses you, not the bell. We will work bell to bell each day. Turn in completed assignments to the appropriate tray on your way out the door. In the event that we may finish early, remain seated in your seat until the bell rings. Never pack up your materials early or line up at the door before the bell rings. You are dismissed when I say, “¡Adios!”

Sponges- Each day as soon as you walk into the class you will begin a short assignment called a Sponge activity. The Sponge will be on the projector. You will complete your sponges in your spiral notebook. Be sure to title each activity and include the date. You may use your notes or textbook on sponge’s. These short activities are to help you transition your mind into thinking about Spanish. You should be finished with your sponge within 3 minutes after the tardy bell rings. Sponges will be graded based on completion immediately after the 3 minute mark. Then you will check your answers and correct with a red pen.  A complete sponge gets you a check mark, each Friday I will tally the checks, 5 checks = 100 daily grade for sponges. Sponges may not be made up. If you had an excused absence, the sponge for that day with not count for or against your grade.

Getting your attention- I will…1.     Stand in the front of the class2.    Raise my hand3.    Wait for everyone to be quiet4.    Begin speaking

Questions- “Ask 3 before me.” If you do not understand instructions given by me, quietly ask 3 other classmates near you before you raise your hand. If all 3 classmates cannot answer your question, it must be a mistake on my part and I will re-explain to the whole class. Raise your hand when you have questions or comments not regarding instructions. Do not interrupt a class lesson. I will frequently ask if anyone has a question or comment and this is when you should raise your hand.  Wait until the lesson is over to ask unrelated questions.

Homework- Homework will be assigned from time to time. The purpose of homework is to reinforce concepts taught in class. Homework must be completed outside of the classroom and class time. Place your completed homework on your desk as soon as you get to class. Homework will be graded based on completion as soon as the tardy bell rings. If you chose not to complete a homework assignment, there is no chance for make up, you will receive an X for that day. If you have an excused absence, the homework assignment will not count for or against your grade. After I have checked everyone’s homework for completion, I will show the answers on the projector. Correct your own mistakes with a red pen. 1 completed homework assignment is worth 1 check. After 4 homework assignments, I will tally your checks and you will receive a daily grade.

Paper Handling- pass your assignment to the left, put your paper on the top of the stack, I or a class leader will collect the stacks and put the papers into numerical order.

Moving around the room- you must ask permission first, do not interrupt classroom instruction

Class leaders- Everyone will start out on the class leader list each 6 weeks. Your name will be taken off the list if you get to Consequence #2 for breaking class rules. Each day we will have a new class leader, beginning alphabetically by last name. The class leader will be in charge of passing out and collecting papers, running errands for the teacher, and etc.

Restroom Use- You may use the restroom 1 time per 6 weeks. Restroom use will not take place within the first or last 10 minutes of class. If you wish to use your restroom pass, raise 3 fingers and I will nod to give you permission so as not to interrupt classroom instruction. a.    Nurse- I will allow you to see the nurse in the event that you have a valid reason. b.    Main office, counselor, other teachers, etc.- My class time will be used only for Spanish 1. You shouldn’t have any reason to need to leave my class to visit any of the above places or roam the halls. If you need to go to the main office, see a counselor, or talk to a different teacher, you may take care of this before or after my class.  

Useful Classroom Phrases-

1.     Prenda la luz.- Turn the light on.

2.    Apaga la luz.- Turn the light off.

3.    Entregan los asuntos/last areas.- Turn in your assignment/homework.

4.    No hablen.- Don’t talk., No talking.

5.    ¿Puedo usar el baño por favor?- May I use the restroom please.

6.    Sacan los libros.- Take out your books.

7.    Abren a la pagina…- Open to page…

8.    Cambian a la pagina…- Turn to page…

9.    Necesitan una hoja de papel y algo para escribir.l- You need a piece of paper and something to write with.

10.  Repasan lo que aprendimos ayer.- Review what we learned yesterday.

11.  ¿Cómo se dice…?”- How do you say….? 

12.  ¿Cómo se escribe…?”- How do you spell…?

13.  Repite por favor.- Repeat it please.

14.  Tengo una pregunta.- I have a question.

15.  ¡Más despacio por favor!- Slower, please!

16.  ¡No entiendo!- I don’t understand.

17.  ¿Cómo?, ¿Mande?- Huh?