Lesson Plans

Diane FordSpanish 1Week: Aug. 23-27, 2010Objectives:TSW build positive relationships with the teacher and each other while participating in various KAGAN activities. TSWBAT recite the Spanish alphabet, count to 30 in Spanish, recall the Spanish days of the week, months, and seasons.Input: Instruction on subject matter from handouts, teacher explanation, and textbook. Assessments: TSW complete a teacher made quiz on Friday over ·         alphabet ·         greetings TEKS:1.01, 02, 03; 1.C; 01; 2, A, 01; 2; B.01  
Sponge*No sponge *Aprenden los nombres de 3 de los estudiantes cerca de ti y una cosa interesante. Escriben los nombres y la cosa interesante para su “Sponge.” *Pregunta 3 personas de su numbre en español. Escriba los nombres de los personas.  * Write down 2 questions from the conversation handout in Spanish. Practice asking them to a classmate near you. *Write down any 2 words in Spanish (hint: look around the room). Spell them in spanish, then ask a classmate to spell them in spanish. Review conversations.
Activities1.        Rules/Consequences/Positives2.        Syllabus3.        Course Outline4.        Calendario- Intro the days of the week, months, numbers to fill in 5.        Senora Ford PPT6.        Student Info Sheet

7.        KAGAN: Wedding March Video

*1st Period start with syllabus*3rd Period start with student info sheet*2nd, 4th, 6th, and 7th, starts with Kagan video

1.        KAGAN: Wedding March Video

2.        Learn each others’ names with a song  and line activity3.        Personality Scavenger Hunt 
*4th got handout

1.        Learn the Spanish alphabet, Handout and song

2.        Practice Spanish alphabet by spelling (student’s full name, Marshall Mavericks, Spanish)3.        Learn Spanish greetings, Handout and Pg. 2-6
1.        Review Alphabet2.        Review Spanish greetings, Handout andPg. 2-63.        KAGAN: Amigos puzzle4.        Reflect: -Have you ever been a part of a team?5.        -This class is like a team, so how important are each of the members? -What happens if one of the teammates never comes to practice/class?-How can you show your teammates their importance and their value to come to practice/class so they will do well in the games/tests. 4.        Jeopardy Review alphabet and greetings6.         1.        Quiz over alphabet.2.        Copy words onto alphabet sheet from pg. xxxvi-xxxvii3.        Copy pg 11 vocab
Closure-In the wedding march video, you saw people taking risks, what risks have you taken… -in your life…?-In class today….?  -          Tonight, ask some one what their name is, teach them how to answer. When you teach someone else something, you learn it better yourself.  - Conversa con un compañero de clase. Incluye un “greeting, inquiry, response, and a goodbye.”-Dice a tu companero de clase 3 cosos que necesitas estudiar para la prueba mañana.-How do u think you did on the quiz? -What are 2 things you should have studied more?-What do you hope to learn next week?

Diane Ford

Spanish 1
Week: Aug. 30-Sept. 3, 2010Objectives: TSWBAT count to 30 in Spanish, recall the Spanish days of the week, months, and seasons; refer to others using Spanish subject pronouns and use the verb ser (to be) to describe themselves and others using adjectives correct in gender. Input: Teacher instruction, textbook activities, internet activities, collaborative activities. Assessments: Finish Oral Spelling test over the Spanish alphabet; Oral Quiz over basic conversations; Quiz of Spanish numbers 1-30, days, months, and seasons. TEKS:1.A.01.02, 03; 1.A.04, 05; 1.B.01; 1.C.03, 04; 4.A; 1.A.01  
Sponge*Escribe una conversación entre 2 personas. Necesita ser por lo menos 6 linéas.  *USE YOUR STUDY GUIDE, or Pg. 9 in the BOOK- Escribe tu número de teléfono (in digits and in words) y lo dice a un compañero de clase.*Write the Spanish words for ‘thank you’ and ‘you’re welcome,’ Do pg. 6, Act. 1 with a classmate*Pg. 8, Act. 1 ¿Qué día es?, Pg. 10, Act. 2 ¿Cuántos?*Pg. 23, Act. 15 Un muchacho y una muchacha
Activities1.        Finish Spelling Quiz, Do oral conversation quiz1.        Students finish alphabet on xxxvi and vocab on page 11 1.        Diagnostic Test2.        Learn numbers 1-30 with song (Tacos CD #22) pg. 9, Spanish Alive CD #2- hold up fingers to represent the number singing about and handout

3.        Practice Numbers 1-30

4.        If time, review ¿Cómo te llamas? With song, el alfabeto with song, students practice conversations Spanish Alive CD #3- use to fingers, wiggle when talking, #5 (Buenos dias), numbers with song5.        Put numbers in order with a classmate using slips of paper 
1.        Check homework2.        Check out books, cover books3.        Learn the days of the week with song (Tacos CD #1) pg. 84.        Learn Months of the year, pg. 85.        Learn seasons, pg. 10 and do Pg. 10 Act. 46.        Put months of the year in order with one classmate using slips of paper2.        Use Study Guide handout, Review numbers 1-30 with song (Tacos CD #22) pg. 9 

1.        Review

(see for teaching numbers, days, months, seasons, other)2.        Review conversations. Teach senor, senora, senorita and no hay de que, por nada, de nada.3.        Teach articles, pg. 22, and practice on pg. 23 Act. 14 aloud4.        Teach subject pronouns and ser, pg. 255.        Describe yourself using ser and adjectives from pg. 14-15, 24 6.        Jeopardy Review: numbers, days of the week, months, seasons 
1.        Prueba de: numbers, days of the week, months, seasons2.        Change singular to plural adjectives, pg. 233.        Adjectives- gender, use a pic of a boy and gilr (paco y elena) point to each one and say adjectives correct in gender, students can look at pg. 144.        Practice adjectives, pg. 24, Act. 165.        Position of adjectives 
Closure Homework- numbers 1-10 addition worksheet Homework- Write 1 sentence in Spanish for each form of ser. (5 sentences total) For example: “Yo soy de America.” 

Diane Ford

Spanish 1
Week: Sept. 7-10, 2010Objectives: TSWBAT use the subject pronouns and the verb ser in conversation to describe themselves and others, and use articles and adjectives correct in gender. Input: The students will receive input through teacher instruction, educational songs, textbook and workbook activities, collaborative work, and homework. Assessments: Quiz on Friday over: Articles, Subject Pronouns, Ser, and AdjectivesTEKS:1.A.03,04; 1.C.03; 04, 4C.01; 1.A.03; 1.B.02; 4.A; 4.C.01; 3.B.01  
Sponge HOLIDAY *Pg. 26, Act. 20- read 2 times with a partner, based on the conversation, write what you know about Julia and Emilio*Write the name of a friend, then write 3 things about him/her. Put the information into Spanish sentences.*Finish WB pg. 4 and do WB pg. 5 *WB pg. 6, Activity E
Activities 1.        Check homework2.        Vocab Man3.        Review- with songs (Como te llamas- SA #1, alfabeto- internet, numeros- tacos #22, dias- tacos #1)4.        Flashcards- on your own, separate into what you know and what you don’t know, quiz a classmate on the words he/she doesn’t know and needs to work on5.        Pg. 28, Conversation Read as a class, answer questions 1-4 with a classmate6.        Practice reading conv. On pg, 28 in groups of 3 for an oral grade (intro oral test grade, student copy and teacher copy, notes, circle missed words)7.        Finsh copying pg. 41 vocab. 1.        Review conversation, pg. 28, what does it say? Answer questions2.        Flashcards3.        Read pgs. 30-31 Don Quijote as a class, ¿Comprendes? A- With a classmate, B- on your own4.        Complete WB pg. 4 in Spanish- on your own or with 1 classmate 1.        PowerPoint Slides 22-37 take notes to review for quiz- 20 min2.        Pg. 32-33 Lectura Opcional 1-2 JIGSAW (students are numbered 1-4, students read their section of the material in expert groups (like numbers) then report back to their home groups)- 15 min 1.        Quiz- Articles, Subject Pronouns, Ser, and Adjectives2.        Writing- Mi Autobiografia in spiral writing section (see WB pg 10)3.        Pass out Chapter 1 Vocabulario y Vocab Man (DUE TUESDAY), Power point slides 51-574.        Finish JIGSAW and turn in notes and questions5.        Review Articles: Authentic Spanish Newspaper Article Cloze Activity- to end of class, finish for homework 

Diane Ford

Spanish 1
Week: Sept. 13-17, 2010Objectives: TSWBAT demonstrate their knowledge on chapter 1 material with a chapter 1 test, communicate with new vocabulary from chapter, count to 100 in Spanish, and tell time in Spanish. Input: Teacher instruction, PowerPoint Presentations, Mind Jogger Interactive Video Quiz, Cultural Video for Chapter 1, Textbook and Workbook activities, and notes and practice from StudySpanish.com and spanish.bz/time.htmAssessments: Chapter 1 Test, Hombre de Vocabulario ProjectTEKS: 2.A.01, 02, 04; 1.A.02, 1.B.02; 3.B.01; 1.A.03; 1.C.02; 1.A.02, 03, 05   
SpongePg. 37, Activity 4 Read the postcard then answer it giving similar information about yourself.Use JIGSAW notes from last Thurs/Fri to answer the following questions in Spanish. 1.        ¿De dónde es Alicia Bustelo?2.        ¿Cuál es la capital de Venezuela?3.         ¿Cómo es Alicia?4.        ¿De dónde es ella alumna?5.        ¿Quién es un héroe latinoamericano?Workbook Pg. 12, Activity B; Escribe en español.  Use notes and questions from pg. 34-35 to help you answer these questions in Spanish.·         ¿Qué son los cuatros puntos cardinals?·         ¿Qué son los nombres de los cuatro continents?·         ¿Cuál es un país que forma parte de una peninsula?·         ¿Qué es la lengua de Puerto Rico?·         ¿Cuál es el número de países donde el español es la lengua official?WB pg. 12, Act. C 
Activities1.        NEW SEATS2.        Finish Vocab3.        Pass back quizzes4.        Finish JIGSAW 1.        Turn in Pgs. 32-33 notes and questions2.        Pgs. 38-39 and turn in 3.        Mind Jogger Video Quiz- 10 min.4.        Pg. 27, Activity 5 1.        El Hombre de Vocabulario Due2.        Examen de Capitulo 13.        WHEN YOU FINISH YOUR TEST….Begin reading Pgs. 34-35 Conexiones, answer questions, finish for homework. 1.        Check ¿Comprendes? questions2.        Read and Discuss pg. 4923.        Watch Chapter Video- 9 min.4.        Review Ser- notes handout, white board practice and practice crossword puzzle with a classmate5.        Pass out Vocab de Cap. 2- see powerpoint for definitions, assign vocab man DUE WED. SEPT. 226.        Intro Vocabulario pgs. 44-45 with audio CD1.        Review Ser, work 10 minutes on crossword2.        Learn los numeros 31-100, pg. 493.        Learn how to tell time, Pg. 58-594.        Time Notes Handouts5.        Telling Time notes handout #2 and useful time phrases handout6.        Telling time practice worksheet, finish front side for homework 
Closure/HomeworkStudy for Chapter 1 Test, Finish Voacb ManStudy for Chapter 1 Test, Finish Vocab ManFinish questions from page 34-35Finish finding and writing English definitions for Chap 2 vocab and do WB pg. 11Finish front side of worksheet for homework.

Diane Ford

Spanish 1
Week: Sept. 20-24, 2010Objectives: TSWBAT tell time in Spanish, talk about their classes in Spanish, use articles in the plural form, use all the forms of ser in conversation and in writing, read a conversation in Spanish for an oral grade, and present information from a cultural reading to the class.Input: The students will receive input through teacher instruction, teacher provided notes, guided practice exercises, communicative activities, and auditory listening activities. Assessments: Quizzes over Palabras 1 (vocabulary), plural articles, and ser.TEKS: 1.C.02, 03.04, 06; 3.B.01; 4.C.02; 5.B.01; 1.A.03.05; 1.B.02; 1.C.04   
SpongeWrite these times in Spanish sentences.1.        10:30 am2.        3:25 pm3.        7:15am4.        8:45pm5.        4:37pm  WB pg. 17Pg. 50, Act. 6 and 7Pg. 50, Act. 8 and 9Pg. 69, Act. 3
Activities1.        Check front side of telling time worksheet2.        Frame 13.        Review telling time- pass out notes and useful phrases, PPT sides 30-364.        Subject Pronouns worksheet 1.        Check back side of telling time worksheet2.        Frame 23.        Subject Pronouns and Ser Handouts 1.        Check WB pg. 132.        Frame 33.        Review vocab, Pg. 46, Act. 1 and 24.        Intro Pg. 48 vocab with CD, PPT slides 15-165.        Palabras 1 Listening, WB pg A5 y Palabras 2 Listening, WB pg. A5-A66.        Estructura Listening A6-A7, then turn in Pgs. A5-A77.        Pg. 52 and 54, take notes, Pg. 53, Act. 13 aloud, Act. 15 on your own8.        Pg. 55 read conversation as a class, then with a classmate9.        Pg. 55, complete Act. 16 and 171.        Frame 42.        Quiz 1 & 2- Palabras 13.        Review Ser, Complete Pg. 56, Act. 194.        Pronunciacion, Pg. 61, read aloud together5.        Conversation,Pg. 60, students listen and watch CD ROM (interactive conversations), practice with a classmate, make notes on handout, answer questions, conversation will be for an oral grade FRIDAY1.        Repasar el verbo ser, PPT slides 23-292.        Oral conversation grade individually (and see project & test) while other students Begin Nouns & Adjectives, Masculine & feminine, and One or Some: explain, do some, finish for homework, Quiz on monday3.        Begin if time: Read Pgs. 62-67 in groups of 4 (writer, reader, researcher, artist), Group 1-Pg. 62-63, Group 2- Pg. 64, Group 3- Pg. 65, Group 4- Pgs. 66-67, Groups must come up with a visual to teach the class about their reading, audience must take notes over presentations and turn in
ClosureBack side of telling time practice worksheetBe working on Vocab Man for chapter 2 Due Sept. 30th; Chapter 2 Exam is Sept. 30th WB pg. 13WB pgs. 14-15, finish ‘ser’ worksheet (1st period)Prepare for oral test grade over conversation on Pg. 60Finish worksheets, study plurals and ser

Diane Ford

Spanish 1
Week: Sept. 27- Oct. 1, 2010Objectives:Input:Assessments:TEKS:   
SpongePg. 68, Act. 1- Write your speech, at least 6 Spanish sentences Write the names of all your classes in Spanish, follow this model: La clase de (blank) es a las (blank).Write the following in plural.1.       El muchacho es mexicano.2.       Yo soy alumno.3.       Ella es morenaWrite 4 sentences using the verb ser with the following subject pronouns: yo, tú, él, ella.Write some information about your spanish class using the following words/phrases: la clase de español, interesante/aburrida, grande/pequeña, la profesora
Activities1.        Check handouts2.        Quiz 3 & 4- plural articles and ser3.       Finsish group work from pages 62-674.       Pg. 70-71 complete using complete sentences and turn in 1.       Quiz 5- Telling Time2.       Videotur,. Episode 2 and pg. 4933.       Pg. 69, Act. 4 1.       WB pg. 18, Mi Autobiografia2.       MindJogger Videoquiz3.       Review1.       Vocab Man for Chapter 2 Vocab DUE2.       Chapter 2 Exam and 6 weeks common assessment1.       Juegos/ Canciones
ClosureFinish Pg. 70-71, WB pg. 16Finish Pg. 69, Act. 4Study for test, Finish Vocab man for Chapter 2