La Clase de Señora Kiely

Bienvenidos a la clase de Español

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Español 5C

Period 1 A/C (Blue group) - h2cipf6

Period 1 B/D (Orange group) - yb4k5ow

Period 2 A/C (Blue group) - y63gvfw

Period 2 B/D (Orange group) - ld4y6wh

Period 6 A/C (Blue group) - 35z4vsl

Period 6 B/D (Orange group) - wrwmpyv

Español 4H

Period 4 A/C (Blue group) - gztcjfc

Period 4 B/D (Orange group) - ikn2pjp

Period 7 A/C (Blue group) - 45kd2ki

Period 7 B/D (Orange group) - wv6ccyy


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Period 1– @kielyper1

Period 2 – @kielyper2

Period 4 – @kielyper4

Period 6 – @kielyper6

Period 7 – @kielyper7


Any questions or concerns, please contact me at GKIELY@SACHEM.EDU