Sra. Nugent Manley

¡Bienvenidos al año nuevo en el clase de español!This year, I want to work to really expand on the knowledge that we gained in last year’s Spanish classes and put it to good use.  I was so impressed with the progress that all my students made in less than 40 days of instruction, and hope that this year will be even more productive and helpful for us all.I will be teaching Spanish every Thursday at each class' appointed times this school year.  Some routines have changed a little from last year—There will be an “inbox” and folders, as well as 2-3 Spanish dictionaries, kept in your classroom this year.  Each week you will be given a small number of vocabulary words and one sentence to puzzle out, and a short easy tarea to complete to reinforce what we have gone over in class.  In total, these assignments should take you about 15-20 extra minutes per week, something that can be finished in small bits of spare time at school or over the weekend at home.  You have SEVEN days to find 15-20 minutes to spare, which will then give us approximately an hour of Spanish instruction per week.  This is a recommended number to help you learn Spanish faster and easier, and studies have shown that it will increase your knowledge of English, as well.When you have completed these short assignments, simply place them in the folder and check your name off for having turned in that assignment.  I will collect them when I come in the next week.For those of you with questions:  I will allow you to not have your homework turned in to me the next week ONLY if you have a question and want to talk to me about your work.  It will then be due the following week.  ALL HOMEWORK MUST BE IN NO LATER THAN 4 WEEKS AFTER IT WAS ASSIGNED, or you will receive no credit for it.  I have decided to be a little stricter about this for this year because I think the little bit of extra practice is necessary for learning another language.  While I wish I could see you all every day, this is at least a step in the right direction.If you have questions and want to talk about Spanish homework, practice your Spanish, etc., feel free to come over at lunch and I will work with you during that time—¡no problema! I am also willing to stay after school for tutoring.   Also, you or your parents may email me at with any homework or Spanish questions, and I will get back to you that day.Some references that may help you if you have free computer time to work on your – easily the best online foreign language – a great page to practice listening, speaking and reading.  Very rich in various resources.  This is my webpage for our classes this year.  I will post additional resources, reviews and schedules on here for you and your families to check out.I look forward to a great year of Spanish class!  Señora (Maestra) Manley de Nugent J