Classroom Policies

Señorita Soza- Room 116

(440) 582-7801


The following materials are due on Monday, August 30, 2010 and are expected to be in class DAILY!

Ø  Textbook, covered at all times.

Ø  Workbook (¡Exprésate!)- will be handed out in class!

Ø  Three-ring binder (1” suggested) filled with paper/notebook

Ø  Writing utensil (blue or black pen or pencil)

Ø  Dry erase marker (blue or black preferred)

Ø  Spanish/English dictionary (optional) Ø  Student handbook/assignment book- will be handed out the first day of school! 


In order to create a conducive and productive learning environment, the following rules and expectations for classroom behavior are outlined below. Please review them carefully in order to fully understand them. Thank you for your cooperation!

  1. Listen and follow ALL directions given.
  2. Be in your seat with all necessary materials ready to begin class when the bell rings.
  3. Use appropriate classroom behavior and procedures. Procedures may change according to the activity, however, the following are considered to be appropriate:     

         a. Raise your hand and wait to be recognized, unless instructed otherwise.     

         b. Remain in your seat unless given permission to do otherwise.     

         c. Do not leave the classroom unless you are given permission. In order to be permitted to leave the teacher must sign your    

            filled out student handbook as well as receive a pass filled out in advance.*USE YOUR PASSES WISELY! You are given a

           limited number of passes.     

         d. Cell phones and ipods are not to be on and/or used during class. Keep them turned off and put away at all times.

            1st offense- verbal warning, 2nd offense- they will be confiscated and available to be picked up at the end of the school day,   

            3rd offense- they will be confiscated and turned into the main office.

     4.  Show RESPECT at all times. You are expected to be respectful of your teacher, your classmates, classroom and/or classmates’

          property, and yourself. There will be no name calling or put-downs. Please do not talk during teacher instruction or while a  

          classmate is speaking. Clean language must be used at all times. Please approach the teacher before or after class or by

          appointment to bring any problems concerning the teacher and/or classmates to attention. Do not cause damage to classroom

          and/or classmates’ property (if it is not yours, leave it alone.) Please remember to be courteous and use common sense in any s


     5.   Refrain from eating, drinking and chewing gum. Only bottled water is permitted in the classroom.

     *Students choosing not to follow classroom expectations are subject to a warning, a 15 minute teacher detention before or

     after school to be completed by the end of the week, an office detention, parent contact and/or being sent to see an

     assistant principal.* 


v Grades are recorded by points: A- 90% & above, B= 80-89.99%, C= 70-79.99%, D= 60-69.99%, E= 59.99% & below.

v Points are broken down into the following categories:

o   Homework will be assigned on a regular basis. Assignments will typically be from the textbook or in the workbook and are worth 5 points each. Homework will be checked at the beginning of class and students will receive a stamp or initial on their homework check sheet for each assignment completed on time. Students will be expected to fill out and keep track of their homework check sheet.

o   Class work can be considered to be any activity or written work completed during class time. Points are assigned according to the type and extent of activity.

o   Tests & Quizzes are considered to be types of assessments and will be given frequently throughout the quarter. They will vary in points and assess the student’s knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. “Pop” quizzes may be given periodically, so be sure to look over materials frequently (nightly is suggested)!

o   Projects & Presentations are also considered to be types of assessments. They too will vary in points. They may be completed as a group or individually. Instructions will be given on a project-by-project basis and students will likely receive a copy of written instructions ahead of time.

o   Participation is determined by willingness to get involved in class discussion and activities and use of the Spanish language in class. Participation may be rewarded! =)

o   Extra Effort is considered to be extra assignments that are optional but high recommended. These extra assignments may include vocabulary flashcards, completed study guides, and online activity scores. Extra Effort will be due on quiz and test days. Students will receive full points on any Extra Effort turned in.

o   Extra Credit will be assigned at the teacher’s discretion.

v All work must be completed on time. Late work is not accepted.

v Cheating/plagiarism will not be tolerated! It will result in a zero for the assignment, parent contact and possible failure for the grading period. Refer to your student handbook for additional information and related policies. Do not consult online translators! 


§  Regular attendance is expected and important to the student’s success in the Spanish language.

§  If the student is absent before the day of the quiz/test day they are still expected to take it on the assigned day.

§  The student has the number of days they were absent to complete any missed work. Lack in completion will result in 0 points. If the student is absent before the day of the quiz/test day they are still expected to take it on the assigned day. If you are absent on an announced quiz/test day, you are expected to be ready to make it up the following day. Missed assessments MUST be made up by the end of the week. If a student is absent on a “pop” quiz day, that student will not be required to make it up and will not be penalized.

§  It is the student’s responsibility to get any missed notes or assignments. Students are to check the absent bin marked with their class period when they return to the classroom in order to collect and/or  record any missed assignments. Students: Be sure to check with your classmates about clarifications or changes for the assignment and to copy any notes taken the day of your absence. 


§  Please feel free to communicate with me if any problems or concerns arise. Do not hesitate to ask questions!

§  Students! I am available by appointment for additional help and/or to answer any questions or concerns.

§  Parents! I can be contacted through the main office at (440) 582-7801 or via e-mail at Be sure to provide your name and any additional contact information in your message. Please allow a day or so for me to respond.  

*Remember to sign & date the student information sheet!!*


Important Dates

  • Monday, August 30- Materials, contact information sheet & signed ½ sheet due! Open House @ 6:30pm- I look forward to meeting all parents/guardians!
  • Friday, September 3rd- Fee, form & photo day (during English class)
  • Monday, September 6th- Labor Day- NO SCHOOL!